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Dark visions, bizarre vignettes. For Cathy Stevens, these are more than just recurring dreams. They're believed to have hidden meaning that will shed light on the truth about her father, a man she has never met. Disappearing without a trace, the only token he left behind was a mysterious pendant of a gold dragon set in a cross. Determined to find answers, Cathy sets out to Romania where her parents met thirty years ago. But following her dreams is about to become her worst nightmare. Aware of her presence, a deadly colony of men and women have gathered. Her arrival in their homeland has given them new hope. They are vampires of the night and Cathy, a direct descendant, is the key to their eternity... if only they can make her one of their own!
Starring: Mia Sara, Anthony Perkins, Jack Coleman
Director: Stuart Gordon
Fullscreen / 1990 / 95 min / Not Rated
This film (or version of film) has never been officially released on DVD in the United States and is considered to be in the public domain. It has been professionally converted from the best possible source materials and recorded onto a high-quality DVD -R, compatible with most DVD players. The movie transfer is Region-Free NTSC and includes custom color artwork in a standard-sized case with thermal printing on the disc.
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