Item Description
Module #1 - The 5R System Manual: I am receiving your complete revised and updated system for plugging the profit leaks that are currently letting my high profit prospects and customers slip through my fingers... including all of the necessary checklists, worksheets, templates, and flowchart examples to get the job done.

Module #2 - 28 Power Selling Technologies: I'm receiving your expanded library of proven strategies for pumping my sales conversion to the max at each step in my sales funnel once I've aligned my messaging with your proven 5R model.

Module #3 - Headline Swipe File: I am getting your personal library of killer headlines that pulled huge real-world results to adapt to my specific purposes.

Module #4 - Long Copy Element Swipe File: I'm getting a generous supply of proven examples of each one of the essential building blocks required to assemble a long copy sales argument, culled from monster control copy, segmented, indexed, and ready for me to model, including dozens of riveting opening paragraphs... guarantees... bullets... closes... PS's and more!

Module #5 - Putting It All Together: The 5R System Applied: I am seeing exactly how all this fits together in the real world with a detailed print dissection of 1 of your 24 page blockbuster sales promotions ...

Video Tutorials
(Shipped to you on CD)

To help me master your proven 5R Web Conversion process as fast as humanly possible you're also including these five supplementary look-over-your-shoulder videos:

Video Tutorial #1 - You're showing me your proven research process screen by screen. I'm seeing exactly how to select the very best target audience for my product or service... and how to discover that audience's most powerful psychological hot-buttons.

Video Tutorial #2 - You're showing me how to transform raw research into a persuasive copy outline. I'm watching you every step of the way as you reverse engineer a winning sales argument section-by-section, from pre-head to P.S., and everything in between.

Video Tutorial #3 - You're showing me how to create a "persona" that people will eagerly buy from. I'm seeing all of your most effective techniques for positioning myself as a trusted, expert advocate for my prospects to believe in.

Video Tutorial #4 - You're showing me how to sequence a multi-step, multi-media marketing campaign for maximum response. I'm witnessing first hand how you plan organize and execute "event style" Berg campaigns that result in a rush of new customers on virtual autopilot.

Video Tutorial #5 - You're showing me how to bring the features, advantages and benefits of my product or service to life through archetypal storytelling. I'm watching over your shoulder as you demonstrate how to breathe emotional tension and irresistible intrigue into even the most dry, boring and technical products to create an avalanche of responses and double sales literally overnight!

Incredibly, this mother-lode of world-class tools, techniques, strategies and expert guidance is mine for just $1,497 -- and fully guaranteed to grow my online customer and prospect lists UP TO 7 TIMES FASTER than industry average!

SPECIAL FAST ACTION BONUS -- Because I'm ordering today, you're also including CDs and transcripts to five special LIVE group coaching sessions held recently over a 12 week period where you answered questions and handed out assignments designed to keep me on track and working diligently toward my online business goals.