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This is a 45 minute special as aired on NFL Network that
showcases the making of the 2008 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader
Swimsuit Calender. Shot on location in Mexico. Featuring 20 members
of the famous cowboys cheerleaders. In bikinis, their famous
costume and candid shots. Featuring future reality TV Star Melissa
Rycroft famous from her stint on The Bachelor, Dancing with the
Stars and other TV programs.
NTSC DVD Format. Region 0(playable all over the world). No
Commercials and that annoying NFL Network crawl at the bottom has
been edited out.

Featured Girls from that years squad on the video include the
following cheerleaders
Tobie Percival, Misty Duncan, Christina Parker, Megan Fox (not
THAT one in Transformers), Makenzi Swicegood, Carmen Butler, Sarah
Gourley, Trisha Trevino, Erica Perry, Nicole Hamilton, Starr
Spangler, Justine Phillips, Brooke Sorenson, Leah Mullinax, Deryn
Derbigny, Melissa Rycroft, Jennifer Nix, Julie Jacobs, Kandi
Harris, Andrea Rogers.

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