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Title : Da Capo + 2nd season + (OVA) IF + Da Capo II + 2nd season

Language : Japanese

Subtitle : English

Episode : 1-26 + 1-26 + 1-2 + 1-13 + 1-13 complete

Format : AVI

PLEASE NOTE these episodes are COMPUTER DATA format files, NOT DVD format.
Plot Summary :
On an island where cherry blossoms bloom all year-round, love
seems to always be in the air. It is in this magical atmosphere
that Asakura Junnichi lives, and when he dreams he travels to the
dreams of others, rather than have any of his own. In everyday
high-school life, he is accompanied by his adopted sister, Nemu,
and an eclectic group of friends including a j-pop
idol-in-the-making and a girl they knew from their childhood.
Promises, and magic, and love -- Junnichi seems to dream about
every girl he knows, but which girl dreams of him...?

Da Capo 2nd season :
Hatsune-Jima, a city once known for their
everlasting Cherry Blossom Tree, is devastated after the
tree’s destruction. In this city lives Junichi, a local
Hatsune-Jime student who is struggling through school after Nemu
left him to attend university. Things change for Junichi on one
stormy night when a mysterious girl named Aisia arrives at his
doorstep, looking for a master magician who can teach her the
trade. As Aisia uncovers more about the past of Hatsune-Jima, will
the past tragedy repeat itself once more?

Da Capo IF :
Tragedy has fallen upon Asakura’s family with
the sudden loss of a loved one, leaving the devastated Junichi in
agony and unable to support himself. A year has passed, and with
the help of Kotori and many of Junichi’s supportive friends;
he is finally ready to move on with his life with Kotori. However,
despite Junichi’s attempt to start anew, Kotori is troubled
with Junichi’s newfound decision...

Da Capo II :
Fifty-three years have passed, and once again, the
sakura trees have begun to bloom on the island of Hatsunejima.
Sakura Yoshino continues to live on the island as a principal of
the school that her relative, Yoshiyuki Sakurai, attends. Together
with his carefree friends, Yoshiyuki’s day is never dull;
from discovering an ancient robot that requires "bananamine" to
operate, to joining a rock band with the pop idol at school, he
lives amidst all of the drama. However, not everything is as it
seems, as different mysteries are popping up around him in

Da Capo II 2nd season :
Yoshiyuki, Otome, Yume, Sakura and the rest of
their friends are back for more romance and mystery. The school
festival is approaching, and the class decides upon a puppet show;
what’s more, Yoshiyuki was chosen to be the lead! Even once
the holidays pass, plenty of quiet times await the gang: Yoshiyuki
and Otome investigate mysterious occurrences on the island and the
truth behind the always-blooming sakura tree, and everyone
celebrates the end of the year – amongst other events.

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