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DataBeat for Stamps

Easy to use Inventory software with optional web publishing and revenue generation.

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DataBeat is the only software you will ever need to track and organize your stamp collection. The package includes a full featured database system along with optional web publishing. As as an added bonus, if you choose to publish your collection to the web you can place ads on generated pages, allowing you to earn extra money from your collection while you sleep !

You can use the software for insurance record keeping, small business inventory or simply to get your private collection organized. Data Beat for stamp incorporates a powerful search engine, versatile reporting options incorporating full color images, easy data entry, accessory tracking, rich text format notes, comma delimited import, data export, online help, full customization, data graphing, multiple data views, unlimited file support, multiple image support and much more. Sample fields include country, type, topic, condition, group, cancellation, color, location, status, gum, asking price, date received, year, collector #, hinged, quantity, cost, value, and sale price. The software is extremely easy to use.

Is your stamp collection already in another database system or spreadsheet ? No problem. Simply save your existing data to comma delimited format and import it into DataBeat in a matter of minutes.

Software Screen shots

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Software Features

  • Easy to use and learn software design for quick data entry.
  • Multiple file support - create as many stamp databases as you need and set each one up differently depending on collection type.
  • Password protection for your files.
  • Detailed online software manual and help file.
  • Ability to import and export data from other database and spreadsheet programs including Microsoft Excel.
  • Sample fields include country, type, topic, condition, group, cancellation, color, location, status, gum, asking price, date received, year, collector #, hinged, quantity, cost, value, and sale price.
  • Over 25 customizable description fields.
  • Ability to customize field names and drop down menu options to suit your needs.
  • Fields may contain drop down menus, text, numeric data, dates and more.
  • Advanced multi-level drop down menu description fields that let you effortlessly categorize collection items.
  • Powerful search features that let you easily retrieve information from your database.
  • A large customizable feature checklist for each record.
  • A free form WYSIWYG rich text format notes area for each record.
  • Ability to associate an external file with each record.
  • Two large spreadsheet type grids for each record where you can store item history, appraisals and more.
  • Multiple image support - add up to 100 images for each item !
  • Built-in image scanning features.
  • Fully customizable text reports - select any combination of description fields and generate a report in minutes.
  • Full color image reports, great for insurance record keeping.
  • Easily view and sort your data.
  • A photo album view where you can see stamp images side by side.
  • Impressive 3-dimenional graphs showing you how your collection breaks down.
  • A large 10,000 item capacity in each file. Please note that databases with larger capacities are available - contact us for details.

Companion Web site

Publish your stamp collection to the web and earn money ! Not only is Data Beat great for tracking your collection, it can also generate money for you while you sleep ! Using automatic upload features, you can publish your database to the web site in just a couple of minutes. Your ads are optionally displayed on every alternate record page view. Ads can come from Internet referral programs, pay per click companies (including google adwords) or direct sales. Please note that you are responsible for obtaining and maintaining your own ads. If you have never advertised on the Internet before, please do some research before bidding. Also, please note that we do not allow adult only or offensive ads on our site. We reserve the right to remove your database from the web at our sole discretion. If you have questions about this policy please contact us before bidding.

Please note that the companion web site is completely optional. If you wish to keep your collection private you do not need to publish your collection. Your database also optionally links to - a database of useful facts.

We are on authorized reseller of Data Village software products. Data Village has been selling quality Database software since 1996.

  • Pentium 300 or Faster
  • Windows VISTA, 2000, ME, NT, XP or XP professional.
  • 5 Meg of Available Hard Disk Space
  • 1 MEG of RAM
  • Internet Connection for optional web publishing.


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"Great Program - Best I've ever seen in 20 years of searching !" - NR, California
"Your software meets my exact needs" - TL, New Jersey
"Very useful program" - RR, New York
"I would have no problem recommending the program to most of the collectors I know." - KW, United States
"I have used it for about one day now and for the most part really like both the setup and the way I can customize some of the settings to represent particular aspects of my collection." - SB, United States
"Easily lets you input information" - KK, Illinois
"We liked your program !" - ES, Sweden