Item Description
Either you provide your guitar or we supply a guitar to be
custom painted on the front face of the guitar with whatever
portrait you provide. Our airbrush artist is one of the most
talented artists in the world and you are guaranteed a one of a
kind masterpiece that will be clear coated to last a lifetime. The
unique pearls paints and his flawless technique has turned average
guitars into priceless pieces of memorabilia. Weather your favorite
band is Metallica or favorite celebrity is Al Pacino, weather you
want to have your band's logo custom airbrushed onto a guitar or to
have a friend's face painted onto it, he's the man! Upon receipt of
payment we will contact you with a request for a full written
detailed project of exactly how you want the guitar to be done.
From there you can email us any photo references you may have or
mail them in the mail to us. Please note, while you may have an
exact itemized detail list, artists always need room for their own
imbelishments. If you are hard lined on any of your requests,
please make sure this is clearly dictated.