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Filter plates qty 3
Power supply 2 X Aa 1.5 V Batteries
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Pocket Cupcake Cookie Cake Pastry Decorating Frosting Pen Writing Kit Tool

This is a highly innovative product for those who love to decorate cakes themselves. It is extremely simple and could be used by anyone with some practice, on homemade or store-brought cakes. This unique electric DIY decoration pen comes with six replaceable decorating tips to enhance the beauty with different shapes of frosting like round, ribbon, star, basket weave, leaf and filler. Moreover, it is loaded with an additional feature of Cartridge and Color mixer for adding different colors and sweetness to your decorations.
The electric DIY decoration pen is battery operated and requires 2 x AA 1.5 V batteries for functioning. Its two speed levels (slow and fast mode) make work easier in seconds. It comes along with an easy to read English manual for better understanding of the product. With all these features the product is a must buy for decorating and making striking embellishments on cakes. Also, this electric DIY decoration pen is ideal for cupcakes, cookies, muffins and any other baked goods.


Add vivid color and sweetness to store-bought baked goods or home-made ones in few minutes
Different replaceable tips for you to create eye-catching decoration: such as rosettes, stars etc.
Switchable cartridges and color mixer are included
Power by 2 AA battery, slow and fast mode is selectable: gives you precise control, no more wasting or sticky mess

Manufacturer Specifications:

Power supply: 2 x AA 1.5V batteries
Tips: round, ribbon, star, basket weave, leaf, filler
Cartridge and Color mixer: yes
Filter plates QTY: 3
Note: Never immerse this electric decoration pen in water or rinse under the faucet. Please use with a damp cloth to clean.This product takes a little bit of practice, you had better try out your designs on a piece of waxed paper or tin foil first.

Package List:

1 x Electric DIY Creamy/ Buttercream Frosting Decoration Pen
3 x Frosting Cartridges
3 x Filter Plates
1 x English User Manual