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Cuban Mop - 100% Wood

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Cuban Mop Set (100% Wood T Construction and two mop cloth's included)
Un Palo Cubano para trapear con dos frazadas incluida (gratis) Para limpiar pisos de loza o madera o otros es perfecto. Uselo con nuestros productos de limpieza.
Compre uno o una dozena para regalo or revender.
Buy one for your use or a dozen to give as gifts or to resell.
How to use a Cuban Mop: We use the Cuban Mop: A wooden T pole (or even a regular swiffer cloth) with hot water. Spray solution on floor or just spill onto the floor cleaning solution like mistolin or fabuloso (or onto the cloth if you use a harsh chem.) Just push along like a regular mop once around, then flip over to the clean side and go through again...then throw the cloth in the washing machine. Voila! My wife uses white vinegar (straight) on her tiles, since she has dogs. The Wooden contraption (a T shape) is nicer because you wrap the towel on it, and with the arms you can reach into amazing crevices! We call it cuban mop because my wife is half and all the ladies in his neighborhood (and family) used only this for the cleanest floors. You can pick up towels here at DollarDealShopping if you don't have any old ones, and it really shines up and cleans so much better than sponge mops!
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