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Format: DVD-R. Proshot. VHS transfer. Old film to begin with, quality is watchable. Has time code and Bill Graham Prsents logo at bottom of the screen.

It was a Stephen Stills & Manassas show until some very special guests showed up...

Helplessly Hoping
Wooden Ships
As I Come Of Age
Roll Another Number
Human Highway
New Mamma
So It Goes
Prison Song
Long Time Gone
Change Partners

Bonus Features

Music Scene - September 22, 1969
Down By The River

Fillmore East, NYC - June 1970
Only Love Can Break Your Heart
On The Way Home

Music Hall, Boston, MA - October 3, 1971
Southern Man

Backstage at the Music Hall - October 3, 1971
Love The One You're With
Déjà Vu

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