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Crossroads is a British television soap opera set in a fictional
motel near Birmingham, England. Originally broadcast on the
commercial ITV network between 1964 and 1988, it was produced by
ATV until the end of 1981 and then by Central. A byword for cheap
production, particularly in the 1970s and 1980s, the series was
revived in a glossier format in 2001 by Carlton Television, but was
finally axed in 2003.
Crossroads first aired on Monday 2 November 1964 and was shown
five days a week. Although popular, the Independent Television
Authority (ITA) decreed in 1967 that the series should be reduced
to four episodes per week, to prevent storylines being watered
down, and to improve the overall quality. In 1979 the decision was
taken to reduce output to three weekly episodes (beginning in April
1980). ATV planned to replace the fourth episode with a spin-off
series called
A Family Affair, but this idea was dropped.
Despite being critically derided for low production values and
far-fetched scripts,
Crossroads was popular (fans including Mary Wilson, wife
of prime minister Harold Wilson), and maintained high ratings and a
loyal audience throughout its original run. However, a number of
regional companies (particularly the newer ones) dropped the series
because of its poor reputation. For example, the newly-formed
Thames Television, the franchise for the London area, decided in
1968 to stop showing the series. This was unpopular with viewers,
with complaints reportedly including one from Harold Wilson; six
months later the decision was reversed, but, as a result of the gap
in transmissions, viewers in the Thames region were half a year
behind the rest of the country for several years.
This collection has 25 episodes from 1977 on 5 dvds.
Discs come in white paper sleeves with no label or artwork.
No refunds due to ease of copying but will replace defective


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