Item Description
The Crosman Stinger P9T airsoft pistol kit is a great value
for the casual airsoft enthusiast. This kit contains the
spring-powered P9 airsoft pistol with holster and a sample package
of airsoft BBs. You'll be ready to fire as soon as you open the
package! The P9 features a functional safety, a 15 rd magazine, and
a shot velocity of 275 fps (using .12g BBs). The P9 is made with
very few breakable components due to its reliable spring-powered
design and is an outstanding pistol for backyard target practice.
Features: Clear/black Semi-automatic Functional slide Slide safety
Pistol holster Bonus package of airsoft BBs Crosman Stinger P9T
Airsoft Pistol Kit, Clear/Black Incl. holster & BBs Please
allow up to 72 hours for items to be shipped. #18-03