Item Description
The Crosman Stinger P30T Pistol is a sidearm that packs a
serious punch in the field. This gun features a hop-up propulsion
system for impeccable firing accuracy, 15 Rd magazine, and shoots
at a velocity of 325 fps (using .12g BBs). The spring-powered
shooting of the Crosman Stinger P30 is an appealing option for
airsoft enthusiasts. Spring-powered guns are known for their
reliability in the field, and feature very few breakable
components. Air gunners who are looking for a durable,
skirmish-ready pistol should not miss this gun! Features: Clear
Plastic Body Black Handle Grips Dispenser of 500 .12g BBs Crosman
Stinger P30T - Clear Spring Pistol with Black Handle Grips. Please
allow up to 72 hours for items to be shipped. #15-29