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The Complete Series

Jeff Slade is a detective with the CID department of the local police force led by Kate Grisham, although unusually for such a position he is an armed officer; carrying a handgun as routine. Slade is a good detective who gets results although his approach is somewhat maverick and his methods do leave a lot to be desired and have more than once landed him in trouble. Amongst Slade's colleagues at the department is science officer Holly Turner who has a secret that Slade manages to uncover. Holly owns a working Time Machine that was built by her late father. The machine is able to take Slade and Holly back far enough in time to witness a crime
as it happens and discover who committed it. As a result Slade's track record with crime solving goes through the roof with case after case being solved in record time.

This DVD set comes as pictured, in a case with cover, and artwork on each disc. Available in NTSC for North America, and PAL version for Australia/Europe. Ships from the UK.

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