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Nature Sounds and New Age CDS
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About Bargain CD's By Simply Digital Publishing
We are a professional digital publishing company in Cleveland, Ohio. We publish educational, health, and new age software. We also record and publish nature sounds and atmosphere CD'S for relaxation and enhanced sleep and stress relief. Our nature CD'S are dolby digital enhanced and are 70 minutes in length and are of retail quality. We have been selling online for 9 years. We really work with our customers until they are satisfied and we provide technical support to our products. Please email us if there is a problem.

Contact Information
Ruth Ann Goode,PhD Owner and Publisher Simply Digital Publishing 3115 West 11th Street Cleveland, Ohio 44109 216-862-2399

Checkout Instructions
We prefer our customers to use our Zoovy checkout so that we can ship your package as soon as possible and track your package. All you do is click onto the payment link, add the item to your cart, and choose your method of payment. Then check out. If there is a problem, email us.If you order Multiple items, we will send you a COMBINED INVOICE VIA PAY PAL WITH DISCOUNTED OR FREE SHIPPING.

Shipping Policy
Our CD'S are shipped in the domestic United States for 3.00 by first class mail and should arrive in 3 to five days. Shipping confirmation will be emailed to customers letting them know their package has shipped.
We ship our CD'S WORLDWIDE by FIRST CLASS INTERNATIONAL FOR 5.00 which should arrive in 7-14 days. Canadian and England orders are taking longer.
Our SOUNDSCAPE CD'S are shipped for 3.90 by USPS FIRST CLASS. They are shipped in CD CASES with full artwork.

Payment Policy
We accept Visa, Master Card,and Pay Pal.

Return Policy
Exchanges only for Nature Sound CD'S. Full Refund for other CD'S.

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