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"If You've Got 30 SECONDS To Spare Today,
Then You Can Compile Your Very Own eBook"

With the eBook Creator Toolkit, it only takes 3 clicks of the button!
(That's 10 seconds per click :o)


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It will take you longer to read this than it will to compile an eBook with the eBook Creator Toolkit.

In only 3 *super simple* steps, you'll have your own eBook created and ready for distribution...

Step One -------> Select the content.
Step one is as simple as determining which content files you want to include in your eBook.  You can include HTML text pages, graphic files such as .gif and .jpeg, FLASH files, sound files and live links to the Internet.

Step Two -------> Customize the interface.
Next, you'll determine how you want the eBook to appear.  You can "turn on" several different options such as eBook screen size, the "About" box, navigational tools, etc.  Make your eBooks appear just as you want them to.

Step Three -------> Finalize and compile.
Complete your eBook by putting on the finishing touches.   Entitle your eBook, include your author name, insert a copyright, provide a link to your website and your email address and setup a personalized "About" box.  Click a button to create the eBook and you're finished.  Wasn't that easy?

Seriously, it's that simple.  Nothing fancy.  Nothing complicated.  If you can click three buttons, then you can create an eBook with eBook Creator Toolkit.

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Publishers When You Order The Toolkit Today... 
  • How to guarantee your eBook gets noticed among the gazillion different eBooks being offered on the Internet today!
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  • Another *easy* stream of income you can generate from your eBook, and how to get thousands of others to market this income stream for you!  
  • How to add one simple thing that can add hundreds, even thousands, of extra subscribers to your newsletter list!  HINT:  It takes less than 2 minutes to add.
  • How to automatically promote your favorite 5-7 affiliate programs without spending a penny!
  • How to reduce the number of refund requests you receive from your paid eBooks, AND simultaneously increase your overall sales and profits!
  • How to generate extra paid orders of your eBook by using the 100% free advertising of joint venture marketing -- learn the "win-win" formula that virtually guarantees success!

These are short, one-paragraph tips.  No sifting through page after page of "fluff."  Get to the point fast here.  You'll learn these tips and also...

  • 2 sure-fire ideas for earning tremendous profits by making a few changes months after your eBook is released!
  • How to sell 300% more of your eBook in the next 72 hours than you did all month!
  • An incredible technique for earning more commissions for ANY affiliate program you want to promote using eBooks!
  • 4 more ideas for generating multiple streams of income from the exact same eBook!
  • How to get free testimonials from "gurus" for your eBook, and skyrocket your credibility and perceived value!
  • You've got a BIG profit maker staring you right in the face inside your eBook...learn what it is and 2 ways to use it!
  • Where to find 100% free software that will automatically submit your eBook to 50 top distribution no cost!
  • Imagine hundreds or even thousands of folks marketing your eBook for you -- discover how this can become reality!
  • An easy way to get more downloads of your free eBooks AND sell more of your paid eBooks --- up to 300% more!
  • The biggest mistake people make in giving away free eBooks, and how YOU can overcome this stumbling block!
  • 2 simple tools you can create in just a few minutes that add a lot of value to your eBook...they're free to you!
Selling Information Products in eBook Format
Outsells ALL Other Products On The Internet

People don't come online to buy TANGIBLE goods (things they can see and feel).  They jump on the web to access INFORMATION.  And they're willing to pay top dollar for it. 

People are willing to PAY for information.  And information is delivered via YOUR eBook.  You write it, the eBook Creator Toolkit publishes it.  Digital publishing (publishing in eBook format) is now the number one best selling product on the Internet.  These products are in-demand and highly sought after. 

  • Incredibly easy to use compiler.  If you can work a mouse, you can create eBooks with eBook Creator Toolkit in a snap.  The super-simple 3-step publishing wizard makes creating eBooks a breeze even for the beginner.
  • A complete, ready-to-use system that any information publisher can use to create his own contemporary-style eBooks with an amazingly simple interface, easy-to-use buttons and menus.
  • A detailed, easy-to-understand instruction manual that walks you through every step of the creation process. It is so simple, you'll use the manual once and never have need of it again!   A step-by-step tutorial explains every menu option, every command, every feature, and every button in an easy-to-understand language.
  • Popular Compatibility: eBooks created using the eBook Creator Toolkit use the exact same format as Internet Explorer, making them compatible with the world's most popular web browser.  Supported are HTML, DHTML, Gif images and animations, JPEG and PNG graphics, Javascript, VBScript, Java applets, and all I.E. plug-ins including the ever popular Flash.  Designed to work on computers with Window 95/98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows ME and Windows XP operating systems.
  • Unlimited royalty-free eBooks:  You may create as many eBooks as you like with no maximum limits set on the number of eBooks you may produce.   You never have to pay a penny in royalties or other fees for the eBooks you create.   Sell your eBooks and keep every penny you earn!  With your own eBooks, YOU keep 100% of what you earn instead of sharing it with someone else!
  • Easy Distribution: Each eBook is a self-contained .exe application program.  You may distribute them in a variety of media:  Internet download, e-mail, diskette, CD-ROM, ZIP disks, networks, etc.
  • Internet Linking:  Create web links within your eBooks to connect your readers to the Internet...especially important for links to YOUR website and affiliate programs!
  • 33 ideas for eBook publishers: Learn 33 of the best quick tips available for creating and profiting from eBooks from the web's leading authority on the subject.






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