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Dr. Steven Sorensen heads Operation Inner Space which plans to
tap the geothermal energy of the earth's interior by means of a
thermonuclear device detonated deep within the earth. Despite dire
warnings from fellow scientist Ted Rampian, Dr. Sorensen proceeds
with the experiment after secretly learning that he is terminally
ill. The results of the Doctor's experiment are a crack that forms
deep within the earth's core and threatens to split the earth in
two. Now faced with the seeming end of the planet at their own
hand's the team of scientist work feverishly to undue the drastic
damage their experiments have brought on.From a command center deep
beneath the ground Sorensen and his team have a front row seat to
what may be the end of the world. Can the devastating effects of
their tinkering be stopped or has the end really come?
1965- Running Time 96 Minutes
Directed By Andrew Marton
DVD-R Format Will Play Worldwide
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