Item Description

Full professional quality DVD cover art, disc art and case!

This is the highest quality dvd set. Watch my video upload to see actual dvd navigation. Greatly improved audio compared to other released sets, motion menus, disc and cover art, and of course bonus features.

Series Description:


Moo Mesa, a long forgotten wonder-filled plateau where cows ride horse, horny toads rob banks and towns have names like Barrel and Plug. It centers around a group of Good Guys (the C.O.W.Boys of the title) whose job it is to maintain law and order. From the Rudy Valley all the way to the Alamoo, the C.O.W.Boys fight to protect the little cow pokes and make Moo Mesa a safe place for honesty and decency. Sworn to uphold the revered Code of the West

Extras and Features:

·         Disc and Cover art

·         Motion Menus

·         25 episodes

·         Improved audio

·         Toy Gallery

·         Full Moo Mesa Arcade Gameplay Video

·         TMNT episode with Moo Mesa cameo

·         Complete Archie Comics Moo Mesa series Volume 1 & 2

·         Tales of TMNT Moo Mesa crossover



Overall Video quality 8/10

 Overall Audio quality 8/10
Shipping: $4.50 US (2-5 days first class) in a padded envelope
              $10.50 Canada (4-7 days airmail) in a padded envelope
              $12.50 International (4-7 priority) in a padded envelope

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