Item Description

Cosy little Giraffe toy made with soft Alpaca fur from Peru!


This Giraffe plush toy is so cosy and soft.

Your child will find a new little friend and adore the softness.

Original handmade in Peru with Alpaka pelt.


For kids from 3-99 Years





Here's a little information about Alpaca's and it's fur:


1) Alpaca's are NOT being killed to get the fur

It would be against the Peruvian law anyway.

2) Alpaca Wool is much more expensive than it's 'pelt' or 'skin'.

Therefore we protect our animals and SHEAR and harvest their fur.

Alpacas natural habitats are the Andean Mountains of Peru, some 4,000 to 5,000 meters above sea level.

The temperature in this area dips to minus 30 degress Celcius at night.

Unfortunately the weak baby and old ones die due to those extreme weather conditions.

At first this caused big losses for many poor farmers, who have to make a living by raising and shearing their live stock.

They had to burn their dead Alpacas and their lost income.

Later on the farmers discovered using the animal's pelts for making carpets, rugs, bedspreads etc would increase their income.

It's all they are living of. There are no other sources of income.

While we are happy to be able to support a big part of the Andean's population -

We are proudly offering our beautiful Alpaca fur products.