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George’s very first 16mm production, shot in the same year as Sins of the Fleshapoids! Starring a glorious cast of Kuchar regulars including Floraine Connors, Mary Flanagan, Donna Kerness, Frances & Larry Liebowitz, & George's brother Mike. A picaresque journey undertaken by two brothers, one of them a lean and preened Mike Kuchar. Meaty gals and beefy guys are strewn about in an atmosphere of charged yearning. It's 100% hipsters hungover on hormones. A youth searches for his unfaithful lover and along the way encounters orgies and various forms of sexual depravity’. In the notorious junkyard scene, a mother threatens to shoot her on-screen sons with a machine gun (George Kuchar is the one sporting earflaps ) if they don’t come home for dinner, setting the scene for a quest towards self-actualisation and hard-won catharsis.
Dir. George Kuchar, 1965, 16mm, 50 min. b&w

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