Item Description
Now available Coronation Street 1976.  An ex resident
returns to the Street after three years away.  Why have they
returned and what do they want?  They are keeping a low
profile and not about to be welcomed back by many of the Street's
residents.  This is the era of the Classic characters. Annie
Walker, Hilda Ogden,Ena Sharples,Eddie Yeats, Elsie Howerd,Bet
Lynch, Rita Littlewood, Albert Tatlock,Mike Baldwin, Deirdre and
Ray Langton and early appearances by Maggie Jones as Blanche
Approximately 72 -75 episodes for 1976.  Picture quality
Now available 1977.  A year of celebration for Street
residents. It's Stan and Hilda Ogden's 25th wedding anniversary and
they've won a second honeymoon.  Residents celebrate the
Silver Jubilee with a special Street party and some dressing up as
famous historical characters!  Not a serial killer in sight!
But a botched hold up at the factory sees a resident on the wrong
end of a panicking robber's shotgun. And tragic consequences.
Approximately 104 episodes for 1977. Picture quality 9/10

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