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You are buying 5 DVDRs of Continental Championship Wrestling 1988 during the short time Eddie Gilbert was the booker. Eddie came up with some great angles Willie B. Hert's (Pez Whatley) son gets slapped.The Hummongous - Shane Douglas angle, Eddie Gilbert's $10,000 Challenge and many more.Missy Hyatt is along to help Charlie Platt with commentary. I accept Pay Pal & Postal Money Orders.Free shipping in US a small fee for Canadian orders contact me on overseas shipping. Prompt Payment is a MUST.


Continental Championship Wrestling


Jerry Lawler interview on winning AWA Title

Curt Hennig interview

Danny Davis(Sub for Ken Wayne) vs Ricky Nelson

Tom Pritchard vs Destroyer

Tom Pritchard � Dirty White Boy Parking Lot Brawl �

Tom Pritchard hit in head w/bottle

Shane Douglas � Eddie Gilbert confrontation-

Humongous stands between them

DI Carter inducts Mark Young into Honor Guard as Pvt. Pyle

Steve Armstrong & Tracy Smothers

vs DI Carter & Miss. Voodoo Man start


Steve Armstrong & Tracy Smothers

vs DI Carter & Miss. Voodoo Man ending

Recap: Tom Pritchard �Dirty White Boy Brawl

Lord Humongous & Detroit Demolition vs Shane Douglas & Ricky Nelson-

Humongous will not wrestle Douglas

Eddie Gilbert's $10,000 Challenge

vs Fan John Gilliam (Boyhood friend of Gilbert)

Danny Davis vs Pvt. Mark Pyle

Continental Championship Wrestling


Mr. Olympia vs Lee Peak

Willie B. Hert vs Pvt. Mark Pyle � DI says he could beat-

Willie in 20 sec. Willie pins him and gets Beat Down

Tracy Smothers vs Danny Davis �Cont. Tag Titles �

Wayne hits Tracy from behind

VTR: Eddie Gilbert vs Jerry Lawler

Lord Humongous vs Red Devil � Humongous attacks

Bruno & Martin Det. Demolition throws ink in his eyes


This is a re-cap highlight show

Re cap �Humongous � Shane Douglas angle

VTR: Detroit Demolition vs Shane Douglas-Humongous helps Douglas

The Dangerzone: Paul E. offers Idol a contract-Idol tears up the check-

Gilbert & Paul E. attack Idol and he takes both out

Austin Idol vs Black Assassin - Gilbert & Paul E. try to cut-

Idol�s hair- Olympia Save

Willie B. Hert vs Mr. X

Re cap Willie B. vs Pvt. Pyle

Nightmares vs DI Darter & Detroit Demolition � DI, Demolition

& Ken Wayne beat down Danny Davis

Continental Championship Wrestling


DI Darter & Detroit Demolition � Samoan Warriors Confrontation

Ron West new GM of Continental Championship Wrestling


Jerry Lawler vs Ken Wayne � Hotstuff burns ref by mistake

Jerry Lawler vs Austin Idol - Hotstuff burns Idol

Hotstuff beats up Willie B�s son

Hotstuff beats up ��Photographer�� Sam Lowe

Hotstuff beats up Burrhead Jones

Pvt. Pyle vs Rick Hazzard � Samoans attack Pyle

VTR: Samoans, DI & Demolition attack Humongous & Douglas

Tom Pritchard vs Bucky Seigler

Missy�s Manor: Mr. Allen Martin & Samoans � Martin kisses Missy

Jerry Stubbs vs Nightmare Freddy � Stubbs Beatdown


Detroit Demolition vs Richards

Hotstuff says Allen Martin is his friend & doesn�t mind him kissing Missy

Missy�s mad says she will get someone to take care of Martin

Samoans vs Shane Douglas (Humongous Late) � Cont. Tag Titles �

Demolitions attacks Shane Humongous save

Dirty White Boy vs Lee Peak

Ken Wayne & Nightmare Freddy vs Mike Starr & Rick Hazzard

Danny Davis vs Bucky Seigler � Wayne & Freddie injure Davis

Continental Championship Wrestling


Continental acquires USA Championship Wrestling

Bullet interview

Doug Furnas vs Bucky Seigler

Furnas � Honor Guard Confrontation

Nelson Royal interview

Dirty White Boy vs Rick Hazzard

Missy�s Manor: Willie B. Hert

Samoan Warriors vs Johnny & Davey Rich � Missy attacks Martin

Tom Pritchard vs Danny Davis � Royal Interferes

Dutch Mantel vs Ted Manson

Re cap- Hotstuff�s actions in CWF

Eddie Gilbert vs Lee Peak


Lord Humongous & Shane Douglas

vs Ken Wayne & Nightmare Freddy

Danny Davis � Ken Wayne Hair vs Hair Contract Signing

Honor Guard & Detroit Demolition

vs Rick Hazzard, Bobo Brazil Jr. & Nation

Missy�s Manor: Honor Guard

Danny Davis vs Nelson Royal � Jr. Title Match - Wayne Run In

Dirty White Boy vs Renegade

Continental Championship Wrestling


Eddie Gilbert vs Mr. Olympia � Austin Idol Save

Olympia-Idol interview � on their falling out

Re Cap: Nelson Royal vs Danny Davis

Re Cap: Honor Guard � Mr. Martin Confrontation

Austin Idol � Eddie Gilbert Brawl

Dirty White Boy Hangs Tom Pritchard