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Stores Your Contact Lens Cases and Keeps Their Information ...All In One Box.HAVE MORE THAN ONE PAIR OF CONTACT LENSES? ...THEN YOU NEED AN EYEBOX®
Premium Acrylic Storage Box and Record Keeper for Contact Lens Cases. (Cases and Lenses Not Included)
Contact lenses are typically delivered in vials, one vial for each lens/eye. Whether the lenses are prescribed by a doctor, or bought over the Internet as Plano (no prescription), each vial contains pertinent information for that pair of lenses on the label including; brand, color, and prescription information
Typically vials are tossed out and each pair of lenses are transfered into contact lens cases for storage.
But once the vials are disposed of, the prescription information is gone.
Choosing to the keep empty vials for the information contained on the label is space consuming. And if you own more than one pair, it's difficult to remember which vial belongs to which storage case. Matching them up with the correct vial is only as accurate as the owners’ memory.
EYEBOX® is a space saver, as well as a Record Keeper. making it quite possibly the best thing that’s happened to the contact lens case.
Anyone with more than one pair of contact lenses
People with or without Prescription lenses
Color Contact Lens wearers
Anime and Cosplay enthusiasts
Doctor Offices
Make up ArtistsPremium Acrylic Storage Box and Record Keeper for Contact Lens Cases. (Cases and Lenses Not Included) EYEBOX® can store up to 9 contact lens cases and store all of their information in one convenient box.
Fits perfectly inside of a standard medicine cabinet.
The Record Keeper stays with box, so you’ll always have your lens information... literally at your finger tips.

The Record Keeper serves as a ledger to record contact lens information.

Information you can record:
Brand, Color, Purchase Information, Date, Cost, Expiration Information, Sphere, Base Curve, and Diameter.
The small, round, color coded decals provide a matching system linking information from the Record Keeper to the correct contact lens case. Simply place one color decal on the Keeper and a matching decal on the lens case.
After the information is recorded and matched it's all stored in a slot at the bottom of the EYEBOX.

Specifications:Dimensions 4 x 4 x 5 1.8lbs.Hand MadeQuality Clear AcrylicHolds 9 pairs of standard size contact lens cases, 18 if you stack your cases.
Fits inside a standard medicine cabinet

Includes:• EYEBOX - Acrylic Storage Box.• Record Keeper for storing your contact lens information.• Decals for matching information to the case.
Contact Lens Cases Not Included