Item Description
Offered is this set of reproductions of the chemicographic backs that were planned for the reverse of the 1864 Confederate Notes, one for each of the five, ten, twenty, fifty, one hundred and five hundred dollar notes. The plates for printing these were prepared by S. Straker & Sons of London.  For what ever reason the plates were never used.  After some seventy-five years a complete set of plates were discovered.  The owner had a limited number of prints made from the plates.  After some time had passed the owner of the plates donated them to the Smithsonian, where they reside to this day.  He also donated the remainder of the sets of prints to Dartmouth College.  These sets are collector items today.  The reproduction that I am offering are produced from the set of Dartmouth College prints in my collection.

I will also include a reprint of the Philip Chase article that appeared in the March and April 1950 issue of  The Numismatist magazine.  Entitled  The Mysterious Chemicograph Backs for Confederate Currency, this eight page booklet tells the story of what is known of these backs that were planned for the 1864 issue of Confederate notes.  

Mailed via first class mail in a kraft mailer, usually on the next business day after receipt of payment.