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The Great 1980 Two Part TV Movie On
Dvd is Here At Last
Dvd + R discs
This is one of the greatest made for tv movies of the 1980’s. This is the two part tv movie “Condominium” starring Dan Haggerty, Barbara Eden, Richard Anderson, Pamela Hensley and Ralph Bellamy

The story is about a group of people living in a high rise condo in Florida
Well mother nature decides to send one of the biggest hurricanes of all time right down into Florida where the condominium is right on the beach.

Who will live and who will die ? Will Dan Haggerty and Barbara Eden live to see another day as they are caught in the hurricane ? Will the condominium be able to survive the onslaught of the hurricane ? Will some people dare and throw a hurricane party ?

The only way to find out is to buy the movie from me ..
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Please be aware that this original recording was made 30 years ago and is the best quality available that I can make.
The audio is good and the video quality is acceptable.
All pics here are taken from the DVD.
The 4 hour movie will come on 2 DVD+R discs in white sleeves
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No refunds due to copying. Only exchanges will be given for defective discs that are mailed back.
Please don’t accept cheap copies from other sellers that cram up to 6 hours on one DVD to save them money. I make sure that all dvds made are to the best quality available and I don’t cram hours of video onto one dvd to save me money.
I am only accepting paypal as form of payment. You will get a paypal invoice when you checkout..