Item Description
I have been a fine art collector since the late '80s dedicating a big portion of my collection to original fashion photography.
My collection is mainly fine art photography posed by top models and artists shot by the most talented photographers in the world, some very famous while others only well known in Europe. Incredible pieces that will make flip out all your guest and visitors while saying WOW.
According with the publisher whom I got the pieces from, editors there, usually ask to print images in order to do editorial prototypes, color tests, patterns, etc, as well as to do presentations to the editor in chief, producer, curator, etc in regards of why or why not publish/exhibit the specific photo. In Spain, (Spanish speaking) they call them "prototipo" meaning "prototype" but I'm not sure if here in the US we use the same terminology for that. I'm not in the position of revealing the publishers whom I got these pieces from, these are working prints that were never supposed to leave the editorial building, as a matter of facts, all copyright information have been erased from the back of each print, (which has not affected whatsoever the quality of the photo in the front)
These are not silver gelatin prints, these are working prints of an editorial archive, some were printed years ago while some others a few months ago
Photograph is in mint condition and ready to frame and hang. Some of them have white borders while some others don't.
I have all these pieces in a professional storage (no smoking environment) where the photographs are perfectly conserved
If there is something rare that you notice in the pictures, for instance, a blur, or maybe a saturated color, or anything weird, that is how the photographer or editor decided to shoot or edit the picture, maybe they decided to put a particular color filter or blur filter or something and that is why it is like that, I do not touch, retouch, alter, or do anything whatsoever to these pieces.
The auctions of the photos are based on the principles of private sales meaning that nobody will ever know that you are bidding.
The photos are sold from one collector to another without any intention of harming intellectual property. All rights are reserved by the photographer.
I was not accepting returns because friends had told me that people buy, scan the original photos, ask for the refund, and then sell a cheap scan of what I "sold" but according to eBay 70% of people have into consideration the return policy and I'm sure I have an incredible product at the best price for its quality so I decided I want to take the chances for the honest people out there offering a 3 days money back. Thanks for your business and please any question let me know. All the best