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Assembled in 2010!
This collection includes
Issues 1 - 113 of VAMPIRELLA
The Entire Run of the Series + MORE
Many of these comics have been digitally restored and remastered. THIS IS THE LARGEST COLLECTION FOR SALE AND IS WELL WORTH THE PRICE.
A bit of history: Vampirella is a fictional character, a comic book vampire heroine created by Forrest J Ackerman for Warren Publishing's namesake black-and-white horror-comics magazine, and developed by Archie Goodwin with artists Frank Frazetta and Tom Sutton. Vampirella initially appeared in Warren Publishing's Vampirella #1 (Sept. 1969) and lasted until issue #112 (1983). The title was a sister magazine of Warren's horror-comics magazines Creepy and Eerie. Like those magazines' respective mascots, Uncle Creepy and Cousin Eerie, Vampirella hosted anthological horror stories. Unlike the other two hosts, Vampirella would also star in her own story, which would headline each issue. Vampirella was initially edited by Bill Parente. It would later be edited by Archie Goodwin (issues #7-12, 34-5), Billy Graham (#13-16), Bill DuBay (#21-50, 87-95, 101-102) and Louise Jones (#51-86).
This GOLD STAR collection also includes the following: Vampirella Special Edition 1977 Vampirella Annual 1972 The entire Vampirella Cover Gallery (123 files) Vampirella Issues of Eerie (94, 95, and 130) BONUS
This collection is the LARGEST for sale for such a LOW PRICE! Compare to others. You will not find another one like this anywhere.
Included on the Disk:
Vampirella 1
Vampirella 2
Vampirella 3
Vampirella 4
Vampirella 5
Vampirella 6
Vampirella 7
Vampirella 8
Vampirella 9
Vampirella 10
Vampirella 11
Vampirella 12
Vampirella 13
Vampirella 14
Vampirella 15
Vampirella 16
Vampirella 17
Vampirella 18
Vampirella 19
Vampirella 20
Vampirella 21
Vampirella 22
Vampirella 23
Vampirella 24
Vampirella 25
Vampirella 26
Vampirella 27
Vampirella 28
Vampirella 29
Vampirella 30
Vampirella 31
Vampirella 32
Vampirella 33
Vampirella 34
Vampirella 35
Vampirella 36
Vampirella 37
Vampirella 38
Vampirella 39
Vampirella 40
Vampirella 41
Vampirella 42
Vampirella 43
Vampirella 44
Vampirella 45
Vampirella 46
Vampirella 47
Vampirella 48
Vampirella 49
Vampirella 50
Vampirella 51
Vampirella 52
Vampirella 53
Vampirella 54
Vampirella 55
Vampirella 56
Vampirella 57
Vampirella 58
Vampirella 59
Vampirella 60
Vampirella 61
Vampirella 62
Vampirella 63
Vampirella 64
Vampirella 65
Vampirella 66
Vampirella 67
Vampirella 68
Vampirella 69
Vampirella 70
Vampirella 71
Vampirella 72
Vampirella 73
Vampirella 74
Vampirella 75
Vampirella 76
Vampirella 77
Vampirella 78
Vampirella 79
Vampirella 80
Vampirella 81
Vampirella 82
Vampirella 83
Vampirella 84
Vampirella 85
Vampirella 86
Vampirella 87
Vampirella 88
Vampirella 89
Vampirella 90
Vampirella 91
Vampirella 92
Vampirella 93
Vampirella 94
Vampirella 95
Vampirella 96
Vampirella 97
Vampirella 98
Vampirella 99
Vampirella 100
Vampirella 101
Vampirella 102
Vampirella 103
Vampirella 104
Vampirella 105
Vampirella 106
Vampirella 107
Vampirella 108
Vampirella 109
Vampirella 110
Vampirella 111
Vampirella 112
Vampirella 113
Vampirella 1977 Special
Vampirella 1972 Annual
Vampirella Cover Gallery
Eerie 94
Eerie 95
Eerie 130
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These DVDs include files in the usual comics format. You can view them on your computer using a Comics viewer (one is included on the disk). You can also print out the pages. They will never wear out!
System Requirements:
Windows / MAC / Linux
256 MB RAM
DVD Drive
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