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Dvdis new,magazines complete. New
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I am new to ioffer so be patient,I will get the hang of it.
DVD Contains Complete Run of Skywald Horror-Mood Magazine Collection.1970 to 1975
Plus Extras+++
DVD also contains Reader...CDisplay for Windows.Comical for Mac.
Reader must be installed on your PC or other device to view magazines/comics.
All magazines/comic books are cbr/cbz. NO giant pdf files. so you can get more on
your PC or other reading devices.

Whats on the Disc?
NIGHTMARE-#1 to #23 +1972 Annual + Winter Special+1974 Yearbook.
PSYCHO-#1 to #24+ 1972 Annual + 1974 Yearbook.
SCREAM-#1 to 11.
Plus 16 other Skywald non-horror magazines and comics.
Also on all my discs is an EXTRA FILE containing 10 free random magazines & comics.
and a cover gallery of 50+ random magazine/comic book covers.
a total of 89 Magazines/comic books.

Not all magazines on Disc are 100% mint.Some may show slight wear or age..All are complete,all pages & ads.
This DVD is complete run to the best of my knowledge and internet research & checklists.
so if you feel there is a missing issue or page I will do everything I can to hunt down that issue and get it to you.
even if I have to buy it and scan it my self. but I can guarantee complete run. no worries.

DVDs have color covers in paper sleeves and will be shipped in sturdy envelope with heavy cardboard.
and "Do not bend stickers.
Diveilery time will vary depending on your location or country.
and I mail the very next day after payment.

Sorry no refunds,but i will replace if Disc is broken in transit or defective.
and then no replacement untill I receive broken or damage disc back.

Like I said I am new to ioffer so be patient please.
I have 1000s of Horror mags and comics. Actual paper & cbr/cbz files.
and i am willing to trade.
I am looking for Eerie pubs,Stanley pubs,& fantastic many many more.
If you have any of these or you would like to just talk horror mags and comics.
you can contact me on the popular social web site that goes by the initials F.B.
just look for jubil-scan lee.Sorry no buying,selling or trading out side of ioffer.