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Commando Cody, Sky Marshall of the Universe. 1953 COMMANDO CODY SKY MARSHALL OF THE UNIVERSE 1953 12 CHAPTER SERIAL PLOT: Earth is menaced by an evil alien "Ruler" who desires to add the Earth to his list of conquests. The Ruler uses a number of diabolical devices to carry out a series of attacks against the Earth. These devices generate floods and typhoons, spread germ warfare, block out the sun, generate additional suns, and pull the Earth and the moon out of their orbits. Scientist Commando Cody develops a "Cosmic Dust Blanket" to protect the Earth. However, the Ruler uses guided missiles to penetrate the shield. Cody, assisted by Joan Gilbert and Ted Richards, constructs an atomic-powered rocketship to travel into space and combat the Ruler and his evil henchmen and robots. There is some controversy as to whether this is a serial or a television series. It was originally intended as a TV series, but contractual obligations forced Republic Pictures to give it a theatrical release before allowing it to be broadcast on TV. While each episode bears a "number" and title, the episodes do not end in "cliffhangers", a hallmark of the classic movie serial. Unlike TV series of that period, though, the episodes are not completely self contained--they follow a definite story arc, and cannot be shown out of order and remain comprehensible to the viewer.     CAST:     Judd Holdren     ...     Commando Cody     Aline Towne    ...     Joan Gilbert     Gregory Gaye    ...     The Ruler     Craig Kelly    ...     Mr. Henderson     Richard Crane    ...     Dick Preston     Lyle Talbot    ...     Baylor     Gloria Pall    ...     The Moon Girl     John Crawford    ...     Alien     Eddie Foster    ...     Mason     Dale Van Sickel    ...     Clancy Chapter One: ENEMIES OF THE UNIVERSE Chapter Two: ATOMIC PEARL Chapter Three: COSMIC VENGENCE Chapter Four: NIGHTMARE TYPHOON Chapter Five: WAR OF THE SPACE GIANTS Chapter Six: DESTROYERS OF THE SUN  Chapter Seven: ROBOT MONSTER FROM MARS  Chapter Eight: THE HYDROGEN HURRICANE Chapter Nine: SOLAR SKY RAIDERS Chapter Ten: S.O.S. ICE AGE Chapter Eleven: LOST IN OUTER SPACE Chapter Twelve: CAPTIVES OF THE ZERO HOUR ALL SERIALS HAVE FULLY CHAPTERED MENUS All our DVD's contain public domain material