Item Description

Come Back Charleston Blue
Director: Mark Warren

Key Cast: Godfrey Cambridge, Raymond St. Jacques, Peter De Anda, Percy Rodrigues, Jonelle Allen, Maxwell Glanville, Minnie Gentry, Dick Sabol, Leonardo Cimino, Toney Brealond, Tim Pelt, Marcia McBroom, Darryl Knibb, Joseph Ray, Adam Wade,

Rating: PG

Genre(s): Action, Comedy
"Come Back Charleston Blue" stars Godfrey Cambridge and Raymond St. Jacques in their roles as Gravedigger Jones and Coffin Ed Johnson.

Charleston Blue was a gangster in 1932 known for killing people with a specially-made knife. His choice weapon had blue steel, an ivory handle and was specially-made in Charleston. He disappeared and everyone thought that he was killed by a rival gangster in a shootout. But now something mysterious is going on. Has Charleston Blue's ghost reappeared for vengeance?