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Contura HS 61

Trimmer hair or clipper hair with expert cutting accuracy. When you need a professional hair cutter for contouring and specific fine work, Contura Clippers offer all the precision you require. The Wella Contura is an excellent tool for creating a perfectly neat and clean hairline.

A cordless hair clipper that comes complete with charging station. These professional hair clippers are fast charging, becoming fully charged in less than one hour.

Leightweight, a weight of only 128 g, and length of 14 cm provides simple handling when cutting and comfortable operation is achieved by a quiet (60dB), low vibration motor that is ideal for prolonged salon use. Its ergonomic body is tapered towards the cutting head to provide for a perfect fit in your hand.

A cutting head with diamond sharpened stainless steel blades providing an unsurpassed cutting performance, an adjustable cutting length from 3 to 6mm.

The ring switch can be operated on both sides and the Wella Contura is available in silver.

The Wella Contura is also ideal for veterinary practices giving a close shave when used for small animal pre-operative use.

We supply from The UK and are often asked whether the Contura will work in The USA. The answer is yes. You do not need an expensive power transformer, just a plug adapter like you would use when travelling.

The Wella Contura Clipper II – The professional hair clipper | professional hair trimmer that can be used in a salon or for home use - The new standard for contour cutting

Xpert HS 71:

If you are a hair professional looking to buy a professional hair clipper then the Wella Xpert clipper is an excellent choice.

The Wella Xpert can be used as battery operated clippers or as mains operated clippers and are ideal as barber clippers or for cutting coarse hair, useful in creating a variety of hairstyles.

The Wella Xpert has a fast charge unit, charging fully in less than one hour and will operate up to 100 minutes in cordless operation. A display on the Xpert includes a battery level indicator.

When being used as a mains operated clipper the 2.8 metre cord offers freedom of movement for the hairdresser or barber.

This professional clipper has precision blades of stainless steel with a professionally sharpened cutting edge for consistent and precise cutting.

Three cutting lengths and comb attachments in 4, 8, 12 and 16mm.

Powerful and very low vibration, with low-noise operation welcomed in a salon or barber shop.

The perfect ergonomic design narrows towards the back and has a soft touch handle for comfortable and easy use. What is more the Xpert is light weight, only 250gm.

Battery-operated clippers - No Cables !!  

Used by top salon professional hairdressers. The Xpert Hair Clipper II is the very best cordless hair clipper you can buy - Designed to be used daily for years.

Features and Benefits  
• The Xpert Clipper has been equipped with a   new Li-ion battery   allowing at least 100 min running time -   48 minutes more than on the previous model !!    
• Cordless or mains operation with charging station  
• The overall design has been refined - new soft touch grip to maximise comfort when in use.    
Fast charge within one hour  
• Comes with comb attachments 4,8,12,16,20mm  
• Steel upper and lower cutting blades  
• Battery charge indicator  
• 3-stage cutting length adjustment 0.5mm / 1.5mm / 2.5mm (15 stages with comb attachments)  
• 5 comb attachments with cutting length settings of 4 to 20mm  
• LED display for oil check and charging level  
• Micro processor controlling cutting speed  
• Low-noise operation, powerful and very low vibration  
• 2 year guarantee  
• Dedicated repair centre and spare parts department  

Technical information  
Weight (clipper): < 250g  
Dimensions (LxWxH): 170mm x 46mm x 46mm  
Comb Attachments: 4,8,12,16,20mm  
Cutting Lengths (without comb attachment): 0.5; 1.5; 2.5mm  
Plug: UK  
Mains Adapter  
Input:100v-240V ~ 50/60Hz  
Output: 6.5V DC, 900mA


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