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Synopsis The story takes place in the virtual world of the future , when the British became a dictator Sattler ( John Hurt ornaments ) ruled by fascist totalitarian state , living side in the brutal rule , disease, famine , dark and secret police everywhere. Here , foreigners, homosexuals and people will be caught into the opposition camp were killed .
Ivy ( Natalie Portman ornaments ) are living in this country is a weak girl , in a curfew Unfortunately, she fell into the clutches of the government minions , in the critical moments of life and death , a headband a grin smile mask , wearing cloaks mysterious Frankenstein ( Hugo Weaving ornaments ) to rescue her out , and before leaving this mysterious weirdo told Ivy he called "V". "V" caused the emergence of attention of the authorities , immediately sent a search , then "v" appeared in the television , broadcast hesitate to use terrorism but also the implementation of the so-called " violent revolution " speech , this time, it was traced to Ai dimensional units , that is, the television station .
"V" in the escape process has been able to escape with the help of Ivey , Ivey himself injured coma. "V" Ivey brought to his home , at his home , "v" tells Ivy that he is a means of using extreme violence and terrorism against the government 's so-called " fighters" , and is currently planning a program , he was prepared to follow 1605 Guy Fawkes on November 5 blow up Parliament. ( 1605 , Guy Fawkes and his companions buried beneath the Capitol and 36 barrels of explosives attempting to prevailing Hongdiao cruel dictatorship , but the plan was brought to light , by King James in the year Nov. 5 hanged . ) And he the mask is an Englishman brought to recognize the Guy Fawkes .
Ivy wanted to leave there, so promised "v" to assist him to assassinate a rapist bishop, Bishop rapist was killed in the process, Ivey fled her colleague Gordon 's home , where Gordon appeared very Worship "v", Prime Minister Gordon beat satire program that he was the secret police to his life. Ivy in the escape when they were caught, her hair was shaved , she suffered various torture. Finally, she was put out, she found her catch her ​​and torture are "v". The "v" is intended only to Ivy overcome fear.
Ivey was left there , saw and heard on the outside ( government tyranny , people hate the government , people "v" of worship ) and where nostalgia, let Ivey back there again , "v" presented her a gift, one filled with explosives ready to blow up the capitol subway . "V" to go and Keli Di for trading , kill the Prime Minister , but also seriously injured , "v" tells Ivy love with her, but eventually died in Ivy 's arms .
Ivy the "v" placed on the subway , then Detective arrived, but the most Hou Yiwei or in the November 5 start after the bell sounded the subway , a symbol of authoritarian Capitol fell, beautiful fireworks to bring people under the tyranny of hope , so that they always remember November 5 this special day .
"V" that he has done not only for his own revenge , but also for the country and the people . And this is extremely sensitive to terrorism in Western countries caused great controversy , this film had to postpone the release of a whole year , and the change in the German premiere .