Item Description
This rare three-part 1968 BBC production is offered on a
DVD+DL disc, and has adult material (brief nudity, adult
situations, innuendo). This is NOT the 1995 made-for-tv
movie. This title is in NTSC (US) FORMAT. It is also
available in PAL Format - please specify when ordering or an NTSC
disc will be shipped.
Synopsis: Flora Poste, a young woman of breeding and
education, finds herself orphaned and totally incapable of
supporting herself. She writes to all her relatives in
order to choose where she wants to live. One reply is from a
cousin of hers, Judith Starkadder, inviting her to come to them at
Cold Comfort Farm. "My man did your father wrong," states the
letter. Flora decides, against the advice of her friend Mary
Smiling, to go to Cold Comfort Farm, where she finds her relatives
in need of 'sorting out' and she sets herself to the task!
This three-part BBC mini-series stars Sarah Badel, Alastair
Sim, Fay Compton, Rosalie Crutchley, Brian Blessed, Peter Egan,
Freddie Jones, Aubrey Morris, and is narrated by Joan
Bakewell. Based on the novel by Stella Gibbons, the
adaptation was done by David Turner and directed by Peter
Hammond. Please see frame grabs for quality. Total
running time is 150 minutes.
This DVD has full color artwork (DVD label, case insert)
and contains production notes as an extra feature. The DVD
ships in a padded mailer.
This disc was mastered from rare, uncut VHS tapes of the
series. There are NO SUBTITLES. The print is complete,
and although it is not perfect (there are a few minor flickers),
this version of "Cold Comfort Farm" is out-of-print on VHS and has
never been released on DVD.
Please note that the series contains adult material: nudity,
adult situations and dialogue, plus sexual innuendo. This is
not for children.
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Orders outside the US: Payment is through PayPal
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This title has never been released commercially on DVD and is
believed to be in the public domain.