Item Description
ENJOY great coffee taste with the goodness of Ginseng!
Premix Coffee with Ginseng is made from high quality Colombian
coffee beans that provide a wonderful taste and intense
The aroma emanating from the coffee is undeniably refreshing and
boosts our confidence for the day. The blending of Colombian coffee
and Ginseng Extract Powder offers you a fine instant coffee in
sachets that is so easy to prepare.
Added with the goodness of ginseng, Premix Coffee with Ginseng can
be very energizing when you feel exhausted. With Premix Coffee with
Ginseng, you can always be assured of great taste and freshness
anytime, anywhere.
**107.88$ per 120 sachets, contained 20g. each **
** SPECIAL Free 4 sachets TOTAL 124 sachets till 29 Feb 12 ** 
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