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Clipse Exclusive Audio Footage RARE ALBUM NEPTUNES
This is the the very rare Clipse release titled "Exclusive Audio Footage". This album was canceled by Elektra and produced by the Neptunes. A solid album. Too bad this will not see the light of day! Like new!


01. Prayer

02. Hear Me Out

03. Power

04. Interlude

05. You Don't Even Know

06. Breakfast In Cairo

07. Interlude

08. Hostage

09. Wild Cowboy

10. Got Caught Dealin' Pt. II

11. Interlude

12. Taiwan 2 Texas

13. Interlude

14. Stick Girl

15. You Can't Touch Me

16. Feel Like Me

17. Bodysnatchers

18. Diana Ross

19. Watch Over Me

20. Interlude

21. The Funeral
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