Item Description
Hair Quality :
Made with the best quality 100% Indian Remy
Human Hair
Hair Color: *2*
inches Hair Length: 14"* 
Texture: *Water Wave*
Lace Type: full lace with strench in crown
Lace color: Light Brown Cap Size
circumference: 22"
front to Nape: 14"
ear to ear forehead: 12.5" ear to ear over
top head:
temple to temple: 14.5"
nape 5.5"
Lace Cap Material: Swiss lace
Density: 100%
Begin front at center of hairline and measure
above ear towards back of head while keeping measuring tape at nape
of neck to opposite side.
2) Front to Nape
Begin with front hairline, place measuring
tape across top middle of head to nape. Nape of neck is found by
tilting head back while looking up. Area where skin folds is the
nape. Back of wig should be positioned directly above this area so
wig stays in place.
3) Ear to Ear Across Forehead
Place measuring tape at temple and bring tape
to top of head. Go 1.5 inches behind front hairline and down to
opposite temple.
4) Ear to Ear Over Top of Head
Measure with tape against head at the top
edge of ear. Continue across top head to opposite ear.
5) Temple to Temple
With measuring tape against sideburns around
head. Continue above occipital bone to the opposite side.
6) Nape of Neck
Nape: The measures the width of the hair at
the nape of your neck. Place tape at the end of your hairline at
the nape and measure across the width of the hair. If you want more
room at the nape, you may want to consider adding a half inch to
your nape measurement.
The best thing about applying a Full lace wig
is that you can do it yourself. It is also quite easy once you
understand the technique and practice it a couple of times.
One of the major issues that many people face
is that a front lace wig frays at the forehead area. To avoid it
here are a few tips to follow when attaching a front lace
You can choose between two types of
attachments: Double sided tapes and liquid adhesives. This is
attached to your scalp or balding area. Ensure that the product you
use is of a high quality and suitable for human use. There are
special attachments available in the market specially designed for
the purpose.
Using adhesive: The front lace is put back at
least to a width of one inch. The adhesive is then applied which
disappears into the lace front. The wig is then placed over this.
The proper use of this method creates an illusion of hair growing
out of the scalp.
Using Tape: Cut the tape into strips of 3
inches in length and approximately 3.8 inches in width. Take one
strip and lay it on to the polyurethane tape patch area where the
lace front connects to it. Now you can lay the strip on the front
hairline to the edge of the lace. Press and hold it down. Proceed
with laying the strips until you have taped the entire front from
edge to edge. Remember to apply pressure on the strips as you go
along. You may need to cut and overlap the strips as and when
necessary to fit the shape of the head but this is ok. End by
attaching the last strip to the polyurethane area next to the lace
front on the other side. Ensure that there are no gaps in the tape
strip line.
This adhesive / tape will help firmly hold
the wig in place The main reason for putting the adhesive or tape
on is to ensure that the wig does not look unnatural. It also helps
in styling as well.
Compare to the following Stock Sizes:
Small Medium Large
1 - 21.5 22.5 23.5
2 - 13.5 14.5 15
3 - 11 11.5 12.5
4 - 12 12.5 13.5
5 - 14 14.5 16
6 - 5 5.5 6
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Natural hairline Baby hair: Baby hair around
the circumference
Bleached knots: Bleached knots are also along
the perimeter to make the hairline even more undetectable.
Single knots at hairline & double knots
elsewhere(Makes more durable and ensures the hair stays in
Hair Style: as on the picture above. (You can
re-style the wig just like regular hair, part it anywhere you like,
perm it, dye it ...but when chemically processing the hair, I
recommend to have this done by a professional.
Be more careful and responsible for the
coloring unit, especially when you are doing it yourself.) Note:
Colors displayed is not different .
Shipping Time: Within 24h shipping, so 2
workdays in total (except Saturday&Sunday)to wait since your
order details is confirmed. (UPS express is commited on all lace
wigs delivering to ensure all packages are delivered accurately and
in time to worldwide!)