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Vietnam War



2 hours and 52 minutes Approximate Total Run Time 


An amazing compilation of Classic films on the Vietnam War. Films are from the actual vietnam time period and contain actual footage(in vietnam and in the US). 


Great for educational purposes, or any general interest in the Vietnam War. 


 Pictures are direct from DVD films






 Seperated into 16 titles for your ease and convenience with an interactive DVD menu





The Airmoble Division (1967)

US Army film depicting the 1st Cavalry Division (Airmoble) and its doctrine and operations in Vietnam. Lots of helicopter and ground combat footage.


Know Your Enemy: The Vietcong (1965)

US Army film intened to familiarize US troops with the tactics employed by the Vietcong. Consists mostly of captured VC propaganda footage.

Progress To Peace (1967)

US Army film depicting a wide variety of "hearts and minds" kinds of projects the US were attempting to conduct with the civilian population in Vietnam as part of their overall strategy in winning the war.


Twenty-Five Hour Day (ca. 1960s)

Follows the preparation and execution of a mission to interdict the flow of supplies from North Vietnam. There is excellent footage of many of the aircraft, including F-4s,KC-135s, A-1s, and HH-53s. Lots of gun camera film.


The Army Air Mobility Team (1965)

US Army film that outlines Air Mobility Team doctrine in the early-mid Vietnam war. Contains a wide variety of helicopter and ground combat footage.


Showdown in Vietnam, 02/08/1965

(Newsreel) Pleiku in Vietnam, 8 died in recent attack, but 49 jets struck back, McNamara briefing speaks about retaliatory action approved by NSC; pictures of aircraft carrier and jets taking off; 2nd raid the next day by planes.

McNamara On Vietnam. 04/26/1965

(Newsreel) McNamara points to Vietnam map, shows machine gun, shows photo of destroyed bridges, speaks that more North Vietnamese regular troops being sent into south, communists have lost 89,000 in last 4 years

Marines In Action. 04/29/1965

(Newsreel) (1) Rebel movement collapses in Dominican Republic, after U.S. Marines sent in (2) Marines in South Vietnam patrol around strategic air base of Danang

Johnson On Vietnam. 05/13/1965

(Newsreel) LBJ speaks to cartoonists at White House, wants to prevent "Chinese domination over all Asia" - pictures of peaceful Vietnam - LBJ speaks

Vietnam Action. 1965/12/09

(Newsreel) USS Enterprise aircraft carrier enters combat, launches planes, on ground "small search and kill missions have been increased" but pinned down by enemy fire, medical corpsmen carry wounded

Airbase Shelled. 03/03/1967

(Newsreel) Da Nang air base attacked in Vietnam by 40mm rockets 7 miles away, 47 killed many from local village

Vietnam. 04/04/1967

(Newsreel) Marine truck convoy ambushed in Vietnam war; troops attack huge Viet Cong base, foot soldiers advance, roundup prisoners including women; helicopters pick up prisoners

Peace March. 04/18/1967

(Newsreel) Antiwar demonstrators protest in Central Park, march to UN building, included students and hippies and priests and nuns, burn draft cards, shouted confrontations with -antiwar marchers, Martin Luther King leads procession.

Anti-War Demonstrators Storm Pentagon, 10/24/1967

(Newsreel) Mass protest against Vietnam war in Washington DC, on mall, across Potomac river to Pentagon, MPs with bayonets emerge from Pentagon, tear gas used, next day camp fires burn on the 2nd day of sitting-in

Protests Galore! 05/05/1967

(Newsreel) Vietnam protest demonstration in Britain; also at Madrid University in Spain, burned American flag; also 4000 in Detroit at "love-in" and "be-in" with hippies and wild constumes

Operation Baker (1967)

(Silent movie) US Army footage from Operation Baker of the 3rd BDE, 25th Infantry Division on 5/11/1967. Most of the silent footage shows foot soliders and tanks uneventfully on patrol



DVD is shipped in a sleek slim jewel case with a label thats directed printed on to the DVD. (Adhesive DVD labels that other people stick on can cause major read errors as well as overheating problems)   


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This is an NTSC region-free dvd, so it will work anywhere in the world that allows for the NTSC picture!


This is a high DVD quality transfer, but expect to find minor imperfections due to the old nature of the orginal material.  


Note: Our compilation and design are copyrighted by Timeless Media. No copyright law was infringed in the making of this DVD.



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