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The Old School Rassling Specialist
has for you today 4 discs of classic UWF and Mid-South TV Wrestling
from the 1980s. The UWF is mainly from 1986/ 87, while the Mid
South disc is from all over the early ‘80s.

UWF is very clear and great quality,
as is most of the Mid-South disc with a few exceptions. In all,
over 10 hours of classic Louisiana/Texas rassling enjoyment for old
school fans with a few hilarious ‘80s commercials included.
Some of the biggest stars of the ‘80s on here throwing
punches and kicking tail.
these discs
come in sleeves w/out art. Feel free to make me an offer on this
great set! I accept Paypal payments, debit/credit and money
orders. Free US Shipping, please inquire about foreign

Hosted by Jim Ross/ Michael Hayes /Recap: Dibiase, Dr.
Death, Terry Taylor vs. Freebirds/ The Libyan vs. Gary Young /
Update on Dr. Death/ Dibiase/ Freebirds Feud / Freebirds interview
Gustavo Mendoza
vs. Chavo Gurerro / John Tatum & Jack Victory w/ Missy
Hyatt vs. Fantastics / Freebird Buddy Roberts vs. Terry Taylor
featuring Bill Watts beating fools up / One Man Gang vs. Hacksaw
Jim Duggan / Chavo & Koko B Ware vs. Sheepherders / Jim Ross
reviews tag team title turmoil / Hacksaw Duggan vs. Buzz Sawyer
brawl / Freebirds talk trash / Fantastics vs. Freebirds / Terry
Gordy vs. Terry Taylor / Sting w/ Eddie Gilbert vs. Ken Massey /
Libyan vs. Chavo Sr. / Tatum & Victory and Missy Hyatt talk
doo-doo / Dark Journey interviewed by Jim Ross / Victory/ Tatum vs.
Fantastics recap / Sheepherders vs. Brett Sawyer & Gary Young /
Dr Death Steve Williams Piledriver neck injury saga / Bill Watts
Family talks about Dr. Death injury (Funny!) / Koko B Ware vs. Rick
Steiner / Freebirds “Boys Are Back in Town” music video
(FUNNY! They sing the Thin Lizzy classic)/ Terry Gordy, Michael
Hayes, Terry Taylor, Bill Watts confrontation featuring baseball
bat and cussing / Gordy vs. Dibiase / Tatum/Victory
interview…Missy rocks / Jim Ross review / DiBiase vs. Mad
Dog Buzz Sawyer
Buddy Jack Roberts w/ Sunshine vs. Savannah Jack / Eddie
Gilbert, Sting, Rick Steiner vs. Fantastics & Missing Link /
One Man Gang and Hacksaw Duggan Brawl / Dr. Death Steve Williams
vs. Angel of Death / Eddie Gilbert & Sting vs. Fantastics /
Michael Hayes talks BS, then a killer interview with Terry Gordy
& JR / Freebirds vs. Duggan & Terry Taylor turns into a big
brawl / Freebirds and Ken Mantell confrontation / Rick Steiner vs.
Jeff Raitz / Badstreet USA video / Missy Hyatt and Dark Journey
match drama .. Missy hurt her poor thumb! (Very Funny) / One Man
Gang vs. Ted Dibiase clips / Dibiase vs. Ken Massey / Turns into
surprise Dibiase vs One Man Gang / Hacksaw Duggan & Terry
Taylor vs. Jack Victory & Mike George / Terry Gordy vs. Dr.
Death (great TV match!) / Freebirds vs. Dr Death/DiBiase street
DISC THREE: Hosted by Jim Ross & Magnum TA / Chris
Adams vs. Mike Sanders / Freebirds “It’s time to get
down!” / Shaska Whatley vs. Jeff Raitz / Barry Windham vs.
Killer Khalifa / Barry Windham interview / UWF Top Ten Ratings /
Big Bubba vs. Dr Death clips featuring Dusty Rhodes / Dr. Death
backstage title victory celebration / Lightning Express interview
(Brad Armstrong/Tim Horner) / Awesome Skandor Akbar & Big Bubba
promo / The Terminator & Black Bart w/ Akbar vs.
2 poor jobbers / Eddie Gilbert & Dick
Murdock interview / Missy Hyatt interviews Ric Flair / Terry Gordy
raises hell at ringside (great stuff!)/ Lightning Express vs.
Catman Bob Bradley/ Khalifa / Lightning Express promo / Ric Flair
interview (trashes the UWF crowd) / Steve Cox vs. Mike George / Dr.
Death title recap / Chris Adams vs. Gary Young / Eddie Gilbert vs
Shane Douglas / Gilbert/ Murdoch wild brawl with Gordy and Dr.
Death (everybody’s bleeding!) / Dr. Death and Dusty Rhodes
bullrope match promo / Jake Roberts vs. Terry Taylor clips /
Sheepherders/ Victory vs. Fantastics/Taylor Barbed Wire Cage Match
/ Hacksaw Duggan vs. Buzz Sawyer / Hacksaw Duggan vs. Terry Gordy
(Gordy becomes fist UWF Champion) / Dibiase/Taylor vs. Freebirds/
Gilbert & Missy Hyatt Dramafest/ UWF stars music video –
“Young Americans” / (NWA stars begin coming in to UWF
to close out the program as this was when the UWF was getting
bought out by Crockett promotions before Starrcade ‘87) /
Rick Steiner/ Black Bart vs. Hayes & Jimmy Garvin / Hiro
Matsuda tries to kill Johnny Weaver with a
Japanese sleeper (pretty gross) / Dusty Rhodes
promo / JJ Dillion/ Crockett promo / Canadian Kodiaks w/ Akbar
squash jobbers / Ric Flair promo on Ronnie Garvin / Kevin Sullivan
promo / Road Warriors kill jobbers (rare UWF appearance) / Rock n
Roll Express vs. Stevens & Lee / Flair, Arn Anderson, Tully
Blanchard & Lex Luger vs. Mike Rotundo, Barry Windham &
Lightning Express (Ronnie Garvin inteferes)

‘80s Mid South / Exotic Adrian Street vs. Terry
Taylor / Exotic Adrian w/ Miss Linda promo / Skandor Akbar promo /
Ted Dibiase vs. Junkyard Dog / Akbar promo with heel Ted Dibiase
(In a way, he previews the Million Dollar Man character here) /
Hacksaw Duggan promo (great!) / Mr Wonderful Paul Orndorff promo on
Dibiase / Bob Orton Jr. vs. Jesse Barr / Iron Sheik Clubs Promo /
Iron Sheik vs. young Buddy Landell / Wild Samoans w/ Ernie Ladd
(Afa & Sika) vs. Ted Dibiase & Bob Roop / Great Kabuki w/
Gary Hart vs. Mike Romeo / Kerry Von Erich & Jimmy Garvin vs.
Bob Orton & Karl Fergie / Butch Reed vs. Buddy Landell / Tom
Prichard & Tommy Daniels vs. Dirty White Boys / Dirty White
Boys promo / Rock n Roll express promo / Duggan and Dibiase in a
“Best Dressed” contest (Funny!) / Jake Roberts and
Terry Taylor confrontation / Gurerros vs. Rock n Roll Express /
Rock n Roll Express ‘Rock n Roll All Night” music video
(Hilarious!)/ Michael Hayes - Killer Khan promo / Killer Khan vs
Dibiase turns into brawl / Killer Karl Kox vignette / Grapplers vs.
Jake Roberts & Paul Ellering