Item Description
Today the Old School Rassling
Specialist has some wild and wooly action for you from Portland,
OR. 2 discs of classic Portland rassling, mainly from 1989 to the
very early 1990s as the promotion was about to close. Still,
you’ll see such highlights of that period as Art Barr doing
the Beetlejuice gimmick, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper returning,
Al Madril’s great Mexican heel persona, John Nord The
Barbarian returns as the Equalizer, The future Raven as Scotty the
Body and the closing of the Don Owens promotion after 40 years in
Portland! From the Portland Sports Arena Action Center! Hosted by
the dapper Don Coss and Don Owens!
Quality is fair to very good to
great. Over 4 hours, 2 discs.
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ship in US; inquire about foreign shipping.
Disc one includes:
Beetlejuice & Steve Doll vs.
Ricky Santana & Al Madril - the Latin Connection (2 out of 3
Latin Connection interview
Ginger vs. Medina in the worst
catfight ever!
Scott “Crusher” Norton
vs. Moondog Moretti
Al Madril’s hilarious Fiesta
Garden segment
Madril gives the funniest
week’s card rundown that ever was with a bag on his
The Equalizer (John Nord) vs. Larry
Scotty the Body, Steve Doll and
Ginger cut promos while a match is apparently still going on
Steve Doll vs. The Spoiler
(definitely not the famous Spoiler … this one has is fat and
has a ‘fro)
Beetlejuice and his Juicers do a
promo and Al Madril ruins it
Scotty the Body vs. the Grappler for
the Northwest title
Ricky Santana vs. Larry Oliver
Another hilarious Fiesta Garden w/ Al
Beetlejuice vs. Equalizer
Al Madril vs Steve Doll
Madril, Doll & Scott Peterson
love/hate triangle
Scotty the Body vs. the Grappler
rematch Anything Goes
Fiesta Garden Time with the Grappler
& John Nord!
Scott Peterson vs. Ricky Santana and
Disc two includes:
Roddy Piper is back and Mike Miller
is his bro
Mean Mike Miller vs Rip Oliver
Roddy Piper classic clip w/ The
Sheepherders & Playboy Buddy Rose
Buddy Rose wants to be a rock
Classic 13 Man Battle Royal featuring
Roddy Piper, Rick Martel, Buddy Rose, Hustler Rip Rogers, Tony
Borne, The Sheepherders (Williams & Miller), Chris Colt, Ken
Timbs, Sal Martino and others
The Grappler gets assaulted by Nord
and others
Nord the Barbarian vs. the
Grappler “coach” promo on
Carl Styles
The Grappler vs. Dr. Carl Styles
brawl all over the place
Jonathon Boyd and Buddy Rose
Carl Styles has ripped off the
bathroom door and is using it as weapon!
Don Coss almost has a heart attack
about an out-of-control brawl that’s “not supposed to
be on TV!”
Brian Adams & Jonathon Boyd vs.
Buddy Rose & Nord in an Anything Goes Match
“Maniac” Matt Borne gets
a stomach ache
Jonathan Boyd vs. Nord the
Boyd & Crush Brian Adams promo
(as the American Ninja)
Beetlejuice promo
Matt Borne comes out to call
Beetlejuice a punk and other insults
Matt Borne will cut your hair!
Scott Peterson vs. Steve Doll
trunk-pulling controversy
Don Coss announces the end of local
TV wrestling
in Portland after 40 years
Roddy Piper, Matt Borne & Beetlejuice hair match
Brickhouse Brown & Jesse Barr
The Grappler vs. Don Harris
Ron & Don Harris promo
Al Madril gets angry at the promotion
closing and more!