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You're purchasing a set of three DVDs of some
VERY RARE evening newscasts of CBS, NBS & ABC from
1960-1981. The video & audio of these casts are
very good, although most are in black & white. They
do contain the original commercials.
Here are the discs:
DISC #1:

CBS NEWS - 10/29/60 (oldest known footage of 30
minutes newscast)....
CBS NEWS - 6/14/65 (Robert Trout's last
CBS NEWS - 12/26/72 (Death of Harry Truman) &
CBS NEWS - 1/22/73 (Lyndon Johnson death in
announced during the newscast)....all these newscasts have the
original commercials.
DISC #2:

CBS NEWS - 5/15/72 (Shooting of George
CBS NEWS - 9/22/75 (Assassination attempt on
President Ford)....
NBC NEWS - 3/30/81 (Assassination attempt on
President Reagan)....
CBS NEWS - 4/4/68 (Assassination of Martin Luther
King Jr.)...all these newscasts have the original commercials.
DISC #3:
10/16/69 covers the news of the day, including the
New York Mets World Series championship clincher. Howard Cosell
reports from Shea Stadium. hundreds of fans storm the field and rip
up the grass for souvenirs.....
12/4/70- ABC anchor Frank Reynold's last newscast.
He seems to be a little bitter about leaving. He gets in some
caustic comments about the world. Stories include the My Lai
massacre in Vietnam, and one about supersonic transportation. Look
for baseball's Johnny Bench in a commercial for "venture" hair
products! .....
6/2/72 covers the McGovern campaign and the
nightly coverage of vietnam. Sam Donaldson, Peter Jennings,and Tom
Jarriel report....
8/9/74 covering the Nixon resignation and the
swearing in of Gerald Ford. Howard K Smith anchors the newscast,
and reporting is Tom Jarriel. Nixon was very emotional in this
speech to the nation. Much reaction from Nixon's hometown of
Whittier: "He blew it" said one person. these all have the original
commercials and the total running time is about 2 hours. very good
quality overall. black & white.
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