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Classic Cliffhanger Serials - Buy Three Get One Free !!! CLASSIC CLIFFHANGER SERIALS BUY THREE GET ONE FREE! FULLY CHAPTERED SERIALS Most, but not all, of the following are serials: Ace Drummond Classic 13 Chapter Cliffhanger Serial 1936 Adventures of Captain Marvel, Cliffhanger Serial 1941 Adventures of Sir Galahad - 1949, 15 Episode Serial All 13 Episodes of the Classic Series Robinson Crusoe All 17 Original Superman Cartoons on DVD Atom Man vs Superman - Classic Movie Serial, 1950 Attack of The Giant Leeches - 1959 - Classic B Movie Attack of The Killer Shrews - 1959 - Classic B Movie Bargirl Pilot Episode (and Wonder Woman Pilot Episode) Battling With Buffalo Bill - 1931, 12 Episode Serial Blake of Scotland Yard - 15 Chapter serial - 1936 Brick Bradford - 1947, 15 Chapter Serial Buck Rogers Classic Film Serial starring Buster Crabbe Burn 'Em Up Barnes, 1934 - 12 Chapter Classic Serial Canadian Mounties vs Atomic Invaders 12 Chapter Serial 1953 Captain America - Classic Movie Serial - 1950 Captain Kidd, Classic Movie with Charles Laughton, 1945 Captain Midnight, Classic Cliffhanger Serial, 1942 Captain Video Master of the Stratosphere 15 Chapter Serial Daredevils of the Red Circle, 1939 Cliffhanger Serial Dick Tracy - The Original Classic Film Serial, 1937 Dick Tracy Returns, 1938 Classic Cliffhanger Serial Dick Tracy's G-Men 15 Chapter Serial, 1939 Don Winslow of the Coastguard - 13 Chapter Serial 1943 Don Winslow of the Navy - 12 Chapter Serial 1942 Federal Operator 99 - Classic Serial, 1945 Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe, 1940 (Third Series) Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars, 1938 (The Second Series) Flash Gordon, The Original 1936 Serial (Space Soldiers) Four Classic Episodes of Flash Gordon 50's SciFi Serial Flying Disc Man From Mars, 1950, 12 Chapter Serial Gang Busters - 13 Chapter Classic Serial 1942 Ghost of Zorro, 1949 - Classic Cliffhanger Serial Holt of the Secret Service - 15 Chapter Serial 1941 JUNGLE GIRL - Edgar Rice Borroughs' Classic 1941 Serial JUNGLE GIRL 2, The Perils of NYOKA Classic Serial Jungle Queen, 1945 Classic Cliffhanger Serial Junior G Men of the Air, 1940 Cliffhanger Serial Junior G Men, 1940 Cliffhanger Serial Just William - Triple Bill Film Collection, All 3 Films Jungle Queen - 1945, 13 Episode Serial King of the Rocket Men - Classic Movie Serial - 1949 King of the Congo - 1952, 15 Chapter serial King of the Texas Rangers - 1942, 12 Episode Serial King of the Forest Rangers - 1946, 12 Episode Serial Manhunt of Mystery Island - Classic Serial, 1945 Nabonga, Gorilla (Jungle Woman) Feature Film starring Buster Crabbe Panther Girl of the Kongo - 1955, 12 Episode Serial Phantom of the Air, Tom Tyler Classic Serial 1933 Pirates Harbour / Haunted Harbor - Classic Serial, 1944 Pirates of the High Seas, Buster Crabbe Serial, 1950 Popeye's Cartoon Adventures on DVD Radar Men From The Moon, Classic Serial (Rocketman 2) Robin Hood, Douglas Fairbanks - 1922 Classic Silent Movie Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island, Classic Serial 1936 Secret Agent X-9, Classic Cliffhanger Serial, 1945 Secret Service in Darkest Africa Serial 1943 Sky Raiders, Classic 12 Chapter Cliffhanger Serial 1941 SOS Coastguard - Classic Movie Serial, 1937 Bela Lugosi Spy Smasher, Classic 12 Chapter Cliffhanger Serial 1942 Superman - Atom Man vs Superman - Classic Movie Serial, 1950 Superman - The Original 15 Episode 1948 Serial Superman and the Mole Men Feature Film Superboy and SuperPup Pilot Episodes Superman - The Radio Shows Star Wars Revelations – DVD Version - Region Free Tarzan & the Green Goddess Feature Film starring Bruce Bennett, 1938 Tarzan and the Trappers, 1958 Feature Film starring Gordon Scott Tarzan the Fearless, 1933 starring Buster Crabbe Tarzan's Revenge - Glenn Morris - 1938 Film Classic DVD The Ape Man - 1943 - starring Bela Lugosi The Ape, 1940, starring Boris Karloff and Ray Corrigan The Batman - Original Classic Serial - 1943 The Clutching Hand - Classic Movie Serial, 1936 The Giant Gila Monster - 1959 - Classic B Movie The Great Alaskan Mystery, 1944 - Classic Serial The Green Hornet, Cliffhanger Serial 1941 The Hurricane Express - John Wayne, 1932, 12 Chapter Serial The Invisible Monster - 1950, 12 Chapter Serial Jungle Jim - 1937, 12 Chapter Serial The Lost City, 12 Episode Serial, The Lost Planet, 15 Episode Cliffhanger Serial, 1953 The Mark of Zorro, 1920 starring Douglas Fairbanks The New Adventures of Batman and Robin - 1949 Serial The New Adventures of Tarzan - Classic Film Serial 1935 The New Adventures of Tarzan - Full Movie Version 1935 The Phantom - 1943, 15 Chapter Serial The Phantom Creeps - Classic Movie Serial, 1939 The Purple Monster Strikes - 15 Chapter Serial, 1945 The Shadow of the Eagle - John Wayne, 1932 Classic Serial The Shadow Radio Shows The Shadow, Classic 1940 Cliffhanger Serial The Son of Monte Cristo, 1940 Feature Film - Ralph Byrd (Dick Tracy) The Spiders Web - 1938, 15 Chapter Serial The Three Musketeers - Starring JOHN WAYNE - 1933 Classic Serial The Tiger Woman - 1944, 12 Episode Serial The Whispering Shadow - 1933, 12 Chapter Serial Undersea Kingdom - Classic Film Serial 1936, DVD Zombies of the Stratosphere, 1952 (Rocketman Series) Zorro Rides Again, 1937 - Classic Cliffhanger Serial Zorro's Black Whip, 1944 - Classic Cliffhanger Serial Zorro's Fighting Legion, 12 Episode Serial, 1939 plus many, many more... ALL SERIALS HAVE FULLY CHAPTERED MENUS All serials are checked for quality. If we don't think the quality is good enough, we don't sell them. All DVD's come in a full sized DVD case with artwork - the original poster art where possible - and production notes. All DVD covers are custom designed for each serial. We do NOT use photocopied covers, (colour or otherwise), and we do not simply copy other sellers covers. Check out the photos to see what you'll be getting and join the many satisfied return customers who've found the best already. ALL OUR SERIALS HAVE FULLY CHAPTERED MENUS All our DVD's contain public domain material