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12 1/2 Pounds of
Premium CITRIC ACID packaged and shipped to you for
craftmaking, candymaking pH adjustment of shampoo bases & more!


Meets USP, FCC, Kosher requirements. Best available!

  • Soaps- Citric acid helps chelate metals in hard water.
  • With Citric, cleansers produce lather and work better.
  • Bath Bombs: Combine with sodium bicarbonate to make make fizzy bombs for your bath.
  • Candy making- Citric provides a sour taste.
  • Pool care Make a paste and remove stains from your swimming pool liner and fiberglass pools (TEST FIRST!)
  • TILE CLEANER- Prepare 1 cup of Citric Acid with 3 cups of water in a bowl. Stir until completely dissolved. Apply to tile with a scrub brush. Rinse clean. Dirty, stained Tile will once again be beautiful and shiny bright!
  • Photography Lab Chemistry
  • More!
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