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The magazine of horror/sci-fi movies & television. This is a very hard-to-find publication. Included on this disc are 14 various issues. The issues included are:

Volume 05, No. 02
Volume 08, No. 01
Volume 09, No. 01
Volume 09, No. 02
Volume 11, No. 03
Volume 11, No. 04
Volume 12, No. 01
Volume 12, No.'s 02 & 03 (Double Issue)
Volume 12, No. 05 (Incomplete: "Star Trek II" articles only)
Volume 13, No. 06 & Volume 14, No. 01 (Double Issue)
Volume 15, No. 04
Volume 18, No.'s 02 & 03 (Double Issue)
Volume 21, No. 02
Volume 21, No. 03

With the exception of the one incomplete issue, each magazine is guaranteed to be complete with no missing story pages. Almost every edition includes the original vintage advertising pages.

All editions are scanned into Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf) format, and are of excellent quality. Read them on your computer screen, ebook reader, or print the pages to make your own hard copies!

DVD-ROM comes with a full-color label, and is shipped in a plastic disc keeper in a padded envelope for added protection. First Class shipping upon receipt of payment. Combine sets at no additional shipping charge! NOTE: Will trade complete sets for unopened die-cast movie & TV vehicles!

An absolute must-have for any fantasy or science-fiction collector!