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Christmas Everyday (1996)
ABC Family Original Movie

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Erik von Detten

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The film stars
Erik von Detten as Billy Jackson, a
selfish teenager forced to relive the same
Christmas every day. At night on Christmas
Day, Billy's sister wishes that it was Christmas every day. And
thereafter he has to keep repeating Christmas Day until he realizes
the true meaning of the holiday season.The movie also stars
Robert Hays and
Bess Armstrong as Billy's parents


Hallmark Channel, ABC Family & Lifetime Original Movies

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12 Dates Of Christmas (2011) (HD To DVD) (ABC Family) (Widescreen) 12$
12 Wishes Of Christmas (2011) (HD To DVD) (IOnTV) (Widescreen) 12$
Abducted: The Carlina White Story (2012) (HD To DVD) (Lifetime) (WS) $12.95
Accidental Friendship (2008) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 9$
Accidentally In Love (2011) (HD TO DVD) (Widescreen) 9$
After The Fall (2010) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 11$
All About Christmas Eve (2012) (HD To DVD) (Lifetime) (Widescreen) 12.95$
Always & Forever (2009) (HDTV To DVD) (Widescreen) 11$
The Angel Of Pennsylvania Avenue (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 11$
Annie Clause Is Coming To Town (2011) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 8$
An Accidental Christmas (HD To DVD) (Lifetime) (Widescreen) 10$
An Old Fashioned Christmas (2010) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 10$
Anything But Christmas (2012) (HD To DVD) (IonTV) (Widescreen) 12.95$
Backyard Wedding (2011) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 11$
Baby's First Christmas (2012) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescren) 12.95$
Back When We Were Grownups (2004) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 9$
Bailey's Mistake (2001) (Highest Quality) (Hallmark) (Full Screen) 11$
Battle Of The Bulbs (2010) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 10$
Before You Say I Do (2009) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 9$
Bound By A Secret (2009) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 11$
Boyfriend For Christmas, A (2004) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 12.95$
The Boys Next Door (1996) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 12.95$
Bride For Christmas (2012) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreeen) 12.95$
Bridesmaids (1989) (Highest Quality) (Hallmark) (Full Screen) 10$
Cabin, The (2011) (HDTV To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 8$
Cancel Christmas (2011) (HDTV To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 8$
Candle On Bay Street (2006) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 10$
The Case For Christmas (2011) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 9$
Chasing A Dream (2009) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 12$
Chasing Leprechauns (2012) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 8$
Christmas At Water's Edge (2004) (HD To DVD) (Lifetime) (Widescreen) 12$
Christmas Blessing (2005) (HD TO DVD) (Lifetime) (Widescreen) 9$
Christmas Comes Home To Canaan (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 10$
Christmas Consultant (2012) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 12.95$
Christmas Everyday (1996) (High Quality) 9 of 10 (ABC Family) (Full Screen) 10$
Christmas Heart (2012) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen)
Christmas In Canaan (2009) (HD TO DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 10$
Christmas List, The (1997) (Highest Quality) (ABC Family) (Fullscreen) 9$
Christmas Magic (2011) (HDTV To DVD) (Widescreen) 12$
Christmas On Chestnut Street (2006) (HD To DVD) (Lifetime) 12$
Christmas Pageant (2011) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 8$
Christmas Proposal (2008) (HD To DVD) (Lifetime) (Widescreen) 9$
Christmas Secret, The (2000) (Highest Quality) (Lifetime) (Fullscreen) 9$
Christmas Song (2012) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 12.95$
Christmas Town (2008) (HD To DVD) (IonTV) (Widescreen) 9$
Christmas Twister (2012) (HD To DVD) (IonTV) (Widescreen) 12.95$
Christmas Wedding Date (2012) (HD To DVD) (IOnTV) (Widescreen) 12.95$
Christmas With Holly (2012) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 12.95$
Class (2010) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 10$
Come Dance At My Wedding (2009) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 10$
Come Dance With Me (2012) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 12.95$
Crazy For Christmas (2005) (HD To DVD) (Lifetime) (Widescreen) 11$
A Crush On You (2011) (HDTV To DVD) (Widescreen) 12$
Cupid (2012) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 8$
Cupid & Cate (2000) ) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 11$
Dad ís Home (2010) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 11$
Dead At 17 (2008) (HD TO DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 12$
Dear Prudence (2008) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 8$
DIfferent Kind Of Christmas (1996) (HD To DVD) (Lifetime) (Widescreeen) 9$
Duke (2012) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 12$
Ebbie (1995) (Highest Quality) (Hallmark) (Full Screen) 8$
Edge Of The Garden (2011) (HD To DVD) (Widescreen) 11$
Elevator Girl (2010) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 12$
The Eleventh Victim (2012) (HD To DVD) (Lifetime) (Widescreen) 12$
The Engagement Ring (2005) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 10$
Engaged To Kill (2006) (Full Screen) (Highest Quality) (Lifetime) 10$
The Face On The Milk Carton (1995) (Fullscreen) 9$
Fairfield Road (2010) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 11$
Fallen Angel (2003) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 9$
Falling In Love With The Girl Next Door (2006) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark (Widescreen) 8.50$
A Family Thanksgiving (2010) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 10$
Farewell Mr. Kringle (2010) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 11$
Fatal Honeymoon (2012) (HD To DVD) (Lifetime) (Widescreen) 12.95$
Finding A Family (2011) (HDTV TO DVD) (Widescreen) 10$
Finding John Christmas (2003) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 9$
Finding Mrs. Clause (2012) (HD To DVD) (Lifetime) (Widescreen) 12$
Fixing Pete (2012) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 8$
Flower Girl (2009) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 10$
Follow The Stars Home (2001) (HD To DVD) (Widescreen) 11$
For The Love Of Grace (2008) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 12$
Fugitive At 17 (2012) (HD To DVD) (Lifetime) (Widescreen) 12.95$
Freshman Father (2010) (HDTV To DVD) (Widescreen) 11$
Generation Gap (2008) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 11$
Gentle Ben (2002) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 10$
Gentle Ben 2: Black Gold (2003) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 10$
Golden Christmas 3 (2012) (HD To DVD) (IOnTV) (Widescreen) 12.95
The Good Witch (2008) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 8$
The Good Witch's Charm (2012) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 9$
The Good Witch's Family (2011) (HD To DVD) (Widescreen) 8$
The Good Witch's Garden (2009) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 8$
The Good Witch's Gift (2010) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 8$
Grace & Glorie (1998) (HDTV To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 11$
Harvest Of Fire (1996) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 12.95$
Help For The Holidays (2012) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 12.95$
Hitched For The Holidays (2012) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 12.95
Holiday Engagement (2011) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 8$
Holiday Heist (2011) (HD To DVD) (IOnTV) (Widescreen) 12.95$
Holiday High School Reunion (2012) (HD To DVD) (Lifetime) (Widescreen) 12$
Holiday In Handcuffs (2007) (HD To DVD) (ABC Family) (Widescreen) 8$
Holiday In Your Heart (1997) (Highest Quality) (Lifetime) (Full Screen) 11$
Holiday Spin (2012) (HD To DVD) (Lifetime) (Widescreen) 12.95$
Holiday Wishes (2006) (HD To DVD) (Lifetime) (Widescreen) 9$
Home Alone 5 - The Holiday Heist (2012) (HD To DVD) (ABC Family) (Widescreen) 11$
Holly's Holiday (2012) (HD TO DVD) (LIfetime) (Widescreen) 12.95$
Home By Christmas (2006) (HD To DVD) (Lifetime) (Widescreen) 9$
Homecoming (1996) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 11$
Honeymoon For One (2011) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 10$
How To Fall In Love (2012) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 9$
Ice Dreams (2010) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 12$
I Married WHo (2012)(HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 12$
If You Believe (1999) (HD To DVD) (Lifetime) (Widescreen) 9$
It's Christmas, Carol! (2012) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 12$
Jack's Family Adventure (2010) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 12$
Keeping Up With the Randalls (2011) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 11$
Killer Among Us (2012) (HD To DVD) (Lifetime) (Widescreen) 12$
A Kiss At Midnight (2008) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 12$
Kiss At Pine Lake (2012) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 12$
Lake Effect (2012) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 9$
The Last Dance (2000) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 11$
Left To Die (2012) (HD To DVD) (Lifetime) (Widescreen) 12$
Lies Between Friends (2010) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 10$
Little John (2002) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark (Widescreen) 10$
Living Out Loud (2009) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 11$
Liz & Dick (2012)(Lifetime) (Widescreen) 12.95$
The Locket (2002) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 9$
Love At The Christmas Table (2012)(Lifetime) (Widescreen) 12.95$
Love At The Thanksgiving Day Parade (2012) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 12.95$
Love Is A Four Letter Word (2007) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 12$
Love's Christmas Journey (2011) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 10$
The Lost Child (2000) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 9$
The Love Letter (1998) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 12.95$
Lucky Christmas (2011) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 9$
The Magic Of Ordinary Days (2005) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 12$
Mandie And The Forgotten Christmas (2011) (HD To DVD) (IonTV) (Widescreen) 12$
The March Sisters at Christmas (2012) (Lifetime) (Widescreen) 12.95$
Matchmaker Santa (2012) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 12.95$
Mending Fences (2009) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 12$
Merry In-Laws, The (2012) (HD To DVD) (Lifetime) (Widescreen) 12.95$
Miracle on 34th Street (1973) (High Quality) 9 Of 10 (Full Screen) 9$
Mistletoe Over Manhattan (2011) (HD To DVD) (Widescreen) 8$
Mistle-Tones, The (2012) (ABC Family) (HD To DVD) (Widescreen)
Moonlight & Mistletoe (2008) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 8$
A Mothers Gift (1995) (Highest Quality) (Hallmark) (Full Screen) 12$
The Music Teacher (2012) (HD To DVD) (Widescreen) 12$
Mother's Nightmare (2012) (HD To DVD) (Lifetime) (Widescreen) 12$
Ms. Scrooge (1997) (Highest Quality) (Hallmark) (Fullscreen) 12$
My Girl (1991) (HD To DVD) (Widescreen) 9$
My Girl 2 (1994) (HD To DVD) (Widescreen) 9$
My Mothers Secret (2012) (HD To DVD) (Lifetime) (Widescreen) 9.50$
My Nanny's Secret (2009) (HD To DVD) (Lifetime) (Widescreen) 12$
My Sisters Keeper (2002) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 10$
Nanny's Christmas (2010) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 9$
Nanny's Revenge, A (2012) (HD To DVD) (Lifetime) (Widescreen) 12$
Naughty Or Nice (2004) (Highest Quality) (Hallmark) (Full Screen) 12$
Naughty Or Nice (2012) (Highest Quality) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 12.95$
Night Ride Home (1999) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 12$
No Higher Love (1999) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 9$
Notes From The Heart Healer (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 12$
Oliver's Ghost (2011) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 11$
Operation Cupcake (2012) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 12$
Our First Christmas (2008) (HD TO DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 10$
Our House (2006) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 11$
Our Son The Matchmaker (1996) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 12.95$
A Painted House (2002) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 9$
Perfectly Prudence (2010) (HD To DVD) (Widescreen) 8$
Personally Yours (2000) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 11$
Pictures of Hollis Woods (2007) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 11$
Plainsong (2004) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 12$
A Princess For Christmas (2011) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 8$
Real St. Nick, The (2012) (HD To DVD) (Lifetime) (Widescreen)
Recipe For The Perfect Christmas (2005) (HD To DVD) (Lifetime) (Widescreen) 9$
Riding The Bus With My Sister (2005) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 10$
Road To Christmas (2006) (HD To DVD) (Lifetime) (Widescreen) 9$
Rock The House (2010) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 10$
The Runaway (2000) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 10$
The Russell Girl (2008) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 10$
Sacrifices Of The Heart (2007) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 11$
Safe Harbor (2009) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 10$
Saint Maybe (1998) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 11$
Santa Jr (2002) (HD To DVD) (Lifetime) (Widescreen) 9$
The Santa Suit (2010) (HDTV To DVD) (Widescreen) 10$
Santa Who? (2000) (HD To DVD) (Widescreen) 12$
A Season For Miracles (1999) (HD TO DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 10$
Secret Santa (2003) (Highest Quality) (Lifetime) (Full Screen) 8$
Seventeen And Missing (2007) (HD TO DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 12$
The Seven Year Hitch (2012) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 12.95$
Silver Bells (2005) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 10$
Smart Cookies (2012) ) (HD TO DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 12$
A Smile As Big As The Moon (2012) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 10$
Smooch (2011) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 10$
Snow 2 Brain Freeze (2008) (HD To DVD) (ABC Family) (Widescreen) 8$
Snowglobe (2007) (HD To DVD) (ABC Family) (Widescreen) 8$
Sons of Mistletoe, The (2001) (HD To DVD) (ABCFamily) (Widescreen) 12$
Stalked At 17 (2012) (HD To DVD) (Lifetime) (Widescreen) 12$
Steel Magnolias (2012) (HD To DVD) (Lifetime) (Widescreen) 11$
Star For Christmas (2012) (HD To DVD) (IOnTV) (Widescreen) 12.95$
Strawberry Summer (2012) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 12$
Taken Back: Finding Haley (2012) (HD To DVD) (Lifetime) (Widescreen) 12$
Sweet Nothing In My Ear (2008) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 12$
A Taste Of Romance (2012) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 8$
Three Days (2001) (Highest Quality) (ABC Family) (FullScreen) 9$
The Three Gifts (2008) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 11$
Three Weeks, Three Kids (2011) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 11$
Three Wise Women (2010) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 11$
Time After Time (2011) (HDTV To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 11$
A Time To Remember (2003) (HD To DVD) (Widescreen) 9$
A Town Without Christmas (2001) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 11$
The Town Christmas Forgot (2010) (HD TO DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 10$
Trading Christmas (2011) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 10$
Uncorked (2009) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 8$
Undercover Bridesmaid (2012) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark (Widescreen) 8$
Undercover Christmas (2003) (HD To DVD) (Lifetime) (Widescreen) 9$
Under the Mistletoe (2006) (HD To DVD) (Lifetime) (Widescreen) 12$
A Valentine's Date (2011) (HDTV To DVD) (Widescreen) 11$
A Very Married Christmas (2004) (HD To DVD) (Lifetime) (Widescreen) 12$
The Water Is Wide (2006) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 11$
Wedding Daze (2004) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 9$
The Wedding Dress (2001) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 10$
What The Deaf Man Heard (1997) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 10$
When Angels Come To Town (2004) (Highest Quality) (Hallmark) (Full Screen) 10$
When Angels Come To Town (2004) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 10$
Will You Merry Me? (2009) (HD To DVD) (Lifetime) (Widescreen) 12$
The Wild Girl (2010) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 10$
Wild Hearts (2006) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 12$
The Wishing Well (2009) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 12$
The Wishing Tree (2012) (HD To DVD) (Hallmark) (Widescreen) 12$