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The first series tells the story of young Matthew Gore, an intelligent lad who is chosen by a mysterious extra-terrestrial visitor, Chocky, as a source of information about life on earth. As Matthew's schoolwork and artistic talent improve dramatically, his parents become concerned about the strange
changes in his behaviour and refer him to a child psychiatrist. But
his dubious social connections lead to Matthew's subsequent kidnap,
as a ruthless businessman tries to tap into the amazing
extra-terrestrial knowledge that Chocky has imparted to him.
CHOCKYS CHILDREN: A year after first encountering
Chocky, Matthew travels to the country to stay with his aunt while
his parents are abroad. There he meets Albertine Meyer, a
mathematical genius who lives with her strict father. The pair soon
discover that they are able to communicate telepathically, but they
do not realise that sinister forces are watching them closely.
CHOCKYS CHALLENGE: In the third and final series
Matthew's and Albertine's friendship with Chocky once again comes
under scrutiny, this time from the military and other powerful
groups who want to harness the alien's powerful

Supplied as discs with Artwork.