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Audios: Chinese Mandarine
Subtitle: Chinese / No English
Condition: Brand New
Main Cast:

Zhang Guo Li as Ji Xiao Lan
Zhang Tie Lin as Emperor Qian Long
Wang Gang as He Shen

Based on a real person in history, Ji Xiao Lan tells the story of a brilliant scholar during the Qing Dynasty, a high official under Emperor Qian Long. Ji Xiao Lan, the righteous scholar, is basically the foil of the 'evil,' greedy official He Shen. The plot of the series revolves around the issues that the Qing Dynasty's China deals with, and makes some thinly-veiled points about today's modern governments (or actually any governments ever) and the corruption that sprouts.

In general terms, Ji Xiao Lan stands up for the people's rights, and He Shen supports corruption, for lack of better ways to classify these two characters. In actuality, they represent a whole spectrum of humanity, and are neither all good or all bad. There's a lot of humor in this series, playing with words, plotting, deception and fighting when the Emperor goes into the country incognito. Several different stories and issues are examined, though all are connected loosely overall.