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CHINATOWN SQUAD - 1935. Lyle Talbot. Brisk 1930's B' crime thriller. Police search for the killer of a man who misused $700,000 intended for the Chinese Communists. DVD-R. Fullscreen. In English. B&W. 75 minutes. Quality - 7 out of 10.

WEST BOUND LIMITED - 1937. Lyle Talbot. Exciting 1930's B' mystery thriller. A railroad agent(Talbot) is blamed for a terrible train crash. Actually, just before the crash, the agent was trying to keep a gunman from hijacking the train. The agent then runs from the authorities. He ends up sheltered by an impoverished family whom he tries to help while conducting his own investigation into the crash. DVD-R. Fullscreen. In English. B&W. 66 minutes. Quality - 7 out of 10.

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