Item Description

   We have great perfect Tabasco's Brand Chili/Soup/Casserole

  pot that's all thick ceramic about 5 lb with its cover, a real keeper for all your football viewing fans plus invited gatherings that's in great condition, and now is no longer made by " McHenry Co. Tabasco"

 This chili pot measures about 10" across handle to handle.   Its about 5" deep stands about 8" with the ceramic lid on.   The lid has a small opening for a ladle that's included also. It's microwave and oven safe.

    This Tabasco Serving pot will last for years and is in excellent condition and is a collector's item today, look at my picture.   You will not be disappointed, and now its harder to fine in this excellent condition.   If you want more pictures just ask.  This will make a super gift for all the upcoming holidays.


 *I will ship with USPS Priority in the USA and Confirmation tracking is included.     I will pack it very well.   You won't be disappointed.