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Title : Chi's Sweet Home + Chi's New Address

Language : Japanese

Subtitle : English

Episode : 104 + 104 (3mins each)

Format : MKV (COMPUTER DATA format files, NOT DVD format)

Plot Summary :
After being accidentally separated from her mother and siblings, a kitten is taken in by a human family. Although pets are forbidden in their apartment complex, they become attached to the kitten they have named "Chi" and decide to keep her, hoping they will be able to keep her a secret from the landlady and the other residents. At first, Chi only wants to return to her mother, but the love and companionship of her new family soon erases these thoughts from her mind. Chi's family - A gentle mother, a kind father, and a playful little boy - has never owned a cat before. This presents some problems, but it also fills every day with new discoveries and joys, and they come to think of Chi as an important member of their happy little family. And although some of the things her family does occasionally confuse or annoy Chi, she comes to really enjoy her happy and fun life with them in her new Sweet Home.

Chi's New Address :
Chi is still living with the Yamada family, but they know it isn't fair to force her to hide indoors in their "no pets allowed" apartment. So they decide there is only one thing to be done, they must move to a new place - for Chi's sake.