Item Description
Chevy COBALT 2005 Radio Wire Harness
  • Plugs directly into cars wiring harness to make installs quick and easy
  • A Wire Harness is used when installing an after market Radio for the first time
  • Custom designed to work with your car
  • Saves Time and Money - Makes installations professional
  • Designed for cars that came with a standard stereo (non premium, non amplified)

All Harnesses have the Industry standard E.I.A color code

  • Yellow is for the Memory and is always powered
  • Red is for the ignition, it becomes powered when you turn on your car
  • Orange is a dimming feature not always used
  • Black is the ground.
  • Blue and Blue with white stripe turns on your power antenna and/or you AMP
  • The 8 remaining wires are all for your speakers the ones with Black strips are the grounds
  • The white wire goes to left Front positive on Speaker
  • The Gray wire goes to the right Front positive on Speaker
  • The Green Wire connects to the Left Rear positive on Speaker
  • The Violet Wire Connects to the Right Rear positive on Speaker
  • If there are RCA wires on this they go to your amp
  • Just Connect one wire at a time and you are set