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In this candid and humorous memoir, Cher tells of
her divorce from Sonny Bono and her reaction to his unexpected
death; the experience of raising two children while being a famous
entertainer, and a series of "firsts" in her life.
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Publisher's Note
Cher. There's really no one else quite like her.
She's been a pop star, a TV star, a movie star, and a wife and
mother, yet as The New York Times has written, she's still "a
funny, gutsy woman" who is also "genuine" and "down to earth." And
now, in The First Time, Cher tells about the important first-time
events in her life. Memories of her mother Movie (Dumbo, at age
four, when she peed in her pants rather than go to the bathroom and
miss anything Public performance (a fifth-grade production of
Oklahoma!) Memories of music (and her passion for West Side Story)
Time she met her father (at age 11) Taste of the good life Bra Kiss
Boyfriend Time living with Sonny Bono (at age 16, in a platonic
arrangement in which she cleaned his apartment) Time in a recording
studio (singing backup for Phil Spector) Hit record (A Got You
Babe") Time she met the Rolling Stones Time she felt like a star
Fall from grace (when her records stopped selling) Bob Mackie gown
Sonny & Cher TV show Tattoo Bad boy (Greg Allman) Solo stage
show Apology from Sonny Academy Award nomination (Silkwood) Fight
with a director (Peter Bogdanovich, director of Mask) Reunion with
Sonny (on the Letterman show, 1987) Mook from Queens (Rob
Camilletti) Academy Award (Moonstruck) Extramarital affair
Infomercial Realization that her daughter was gay Eulogy (for
Sonny) And much, much more -- the true story of the events that
shaped Cher's life, told in her own inimitable way, with dozens of
photographs, most from her own albums. The First Time is frank,
funny, surprising, occasionally outrageous, sometimes sad, and
always completely honest -- like Cher herself.
One of the world's biggest and most enigmatic stars of pop
music, the screen, and television offers insights into her
glamorous--and frequently dysfunctional--life and blazing career.
in color.

Title: The First Time
Author: Cher, Jeff Coplon
Binding: Hardcover
Publication Year: 1998
ISBN-10: 0684809001
ISBN-13: 9780684809007
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Jun 30, 1975:
Cher marries Greg Allman
On June 30, 1975, less than one week after her divorce from
Sonny Bono became final, Cher—America's most famous newly
single woman—tied the knot with rock star Gregg Allman, only
to file for divorce from him just nine days later.
Those who found Cher's rather speedy return to the altar
alarming might have felt differently had they known how long
marriage #1 had actually been over. By early 1973, Sonny and Cher
were living together with their young daughter, Chastity, but also
with their respective lovers. "The public still thinks we are
married," Sonny wrote in his diary at the time, "[and] that's the
way it has to be." By the time her divorce was finalized, the
29-year-old Cher had been playing the field for nearly three years
and had been sharing her Holmby Hills mansion with Gregg Allman for
at least three months.
Gregg Allman became famous as the co-founder of the Allman
Brothers Band, a group hailed on their induction into the Rock and
Roll Hall of Fame as "the principal architects of Southern rock."
Following the death of his older brother Duane in a 1971 motorcycle
accident, Gregg pursued a solo career that included the hit album
Laid Back (1973), which was in current release when the
27-year-old rocker met Cher at the Troubadour club in
Cher's divorce became final on June 25, 1975, and five days
later, reportedly on a whim, she and Allman boarded a Learjet from
Los Angeles to
Las Vegas,
where they were married in a hotel suite belonging to Cher's
manager. Just 10 days after that, however, Cher filed for divorce
from Allman amid rumors of his abandoning her to a drinking and
drug binge during their honeymoon. In a statement released to the
press, Cher said: "I've always believed it best to admit one's
mistakes as quickly as possible."
In fact, Cher would reconsider her divorce filing and remain
married to Allman until 1979. Billed as "Allman and Woman," they
would release a 1977 album called
Two The Hard Way that is widely regarded as the worst of
either artist's respective career. They would also have a son,
Elijah Blue Allman, who is now the leader of his own rock-and-roll
band, Deadsy.